Dress Well: Add Some Slouch


J. Crew blouse, Madewell jeans (on sale!), Seychelles flats (super old), Madewell necklace, Anthropologie bag (old)

I do not wear these boyfriend jeans enough. Somehow they always drift to the bottom of my jeans pile, only to be recovered if I see someone else wearing boyfriend jeans and think, "oh yeah, I have a pair of those!"

I know when I look back on these pictures in a decade, these jeans will look crazy outdated. I used to think that was a good reason to not wear things, but these days I've changed my mind - especially when things like boyfriend jeans, track pants, and drapey tops come into style, we should all take full advantage. Women's fashion doesn't tend towards comfort, so we should be allowed to walk in the sun in those rare moments when comfortable items are shining their brightest. Who's with me?



DSC_3032I had half a mind to wear these jeans again today - my office is going to go play laser tag, so ease of movement is pretty much my top outfit priority. I haven't played laser tag since I was 12 and I have terrible aim, but I'm still determined to win. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Dress Well: Laid-Back Stripes

J. Crew cardigan (old), Madewell blouse (old), Madewell jeans, J. Crew flats, J. Crew necklace (old), TEXI leather bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

If you guys thought I was joking about taking comfort seriously, I'm here to prove you wrong. Seriously, I think the only way to make this outfit more comfortable would be to swap the blouse out for a worn-in sweatshirt. And don't even get me started on these jeans. I strongly urge everyone to take full advantage of the boyfriend jean trend while it's still in - someday they will go out of style, and we'll all be left in our too stiff, too tight, too uncomfortable jeans. Live it up while you can!






I would write more...but there's figure skating to watch! See you back here tomorrow - have a great day!

Dress Well: Perfect Shirt

Vince tee, AG jeans, Birds on a Wire necklace c/o, Rebecca Minkoff bag

When my husband and I were in Dallas last weekend, we stopped in the Vince store in Highland Village. I'd seen their stuff on bloggers before, but had never shopped it myself. It only took a brief touch of their t-shirt fabric to get me hooked - their shirts are so soft. It's ridiculous. As a result, I ended up making this heather gray version mine - long-sleeve tees are year-round wear here, so I'm sure I'll be putting tons of miles on this baby. Plus, it's always nice to go to work feeling like you're still wearing pajamas.






DSC_6974Have a great weekend, everybody!

Dress Well: Keep It Simple, Stupid

J. Crew tee, Paige jeans, Rebecca Minkoff sandals, Madewell necklace, Michael Kors watch (old), J. Crew bracelet, Rebecca Minkoff bag

If you didn't realize that the title of this post is a quote from The Office, go watch seasons 1-3 at minimum and then report back. You will thank me.

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best choice you can make from an outfit perspective. Believe it or not, wearing this white tee amounted to dressing up for a work function for me (long story).






DSC_5559I hope everyone has a spectacular day!