Live Well: ...At The French Laundry!


Sorry friends - The French Laundry calls today! Well, more like I called The French Laundry 400+ times to get a reservation. But who's counting, right? Right now my parents, husband, sister and I are on our way up to Napa, ready for the meal of our lives! I had the honor of getting to dine at The French Laundry last summer as well, and I can hardly believe how blessed I am to get to go again. I kept my menu from the meal last summer - you had better believe I will be keeping my menu from this trip as well, and that both beautiful menus will soon be hanging on our apartment wall!

Since today is clearly such a happy day, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to share a few of the things that have been making me happy this week. I hope you have a wonderful Friday - to health and happiness (and gluttony, too)! DSC_2526

New manicures.


Farmer's market sunflowers - usually not my thing, but I can't get over how great the yellow looks with our gray-tone apartment.


Getting a shipment of 100 books from my dad. I can't wait to devour each and every one of them (and they gave me a great excuse to rearrange my bookshelves!).


Farmer's market cherries.

DSC_2684Chess. So much chess.

Dress Well: At Home.

Texas Home T, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Michael Kors watch, J. Crew bracelet, Old necklace

This past week there was a theory floating around on the internet that one of the Mad Men characters might be dead because she hadn't been seen in a scene with another character for an episode or more. By that logic, my husband and I could have been presumed missing this weekend - we decided to take it easy these past couple days and had zero social engagements. We were pretty much only seen outside our apartment when we went on a walk Saturday afternoon and when we went grocery shopping Sunday morning. Other than that, we spent the entire weekend inside, catching up on sleep, cleaning our apartment and yes, playing more chess (ugh, it's just impossible to suppress the nerdiness!).

As a result, I don't really have any fun outfits to show you guys. I put on makeup and dried my hair for the first time all weekend late Sunday afternoon in order to not look like a complete slob when we took a walk to a neighborhood wine shop. I mean, I guess I could have thrown something on and taken photos in it, pretended like I wore it this weekend, but I have a strict policy against doing that - I want this blog to reflect my real life. So, here's real life for y'all - me, in my Texas Home T, lounging around my apartment on a dreary Sunday afternoon.








We felt okay about taking this past weekend off from being social because my sister and parents land in San Francisco this upcoming Thursday! I'm counting down the minutes until their plane touches down. As always, we have lots of fun dining out on the itinerary - look for updates on that later this week and early next week. I'll be taking this upcoming Friday off for a very special outing with the all I have to do is make it through the next four days of work!

Have a great Monday.