Dress Well: Here's to 2014

J. Crew shirt, Joe's jeans (similar), Rag&Bone booties, J. Crew necklace, J. Crew bangles, TEXI leather bag, Coach sunglasses (old)

This is the outfit I wore to ring in 2014. We spent New Year's Eve at our friends' apartment, quietly celebrating the new year. It was perfect.

My mom got me this amazing shirt and necklace for Christmas - I can't wait to wear them many, many more times in the upcoming year.







DSC_4273Plans for today include sleeping in, watching 30 Rock, and taking a walk around the neighborhood. Oh, and there might be a bit of work, but that's okay because we leave for the Virgin Islands on Friday!

Happy 2014, everyone!

Dress Well: Austin

Anthropologie blouse (similar-ish), Joe's jeans (similar), Rocket Dog boots, J. Crew bracelet (similar), TEXI leather bag, Coach sunglasses (old)

"Austin" is the one and only word on my mind. It's only been three short weeks since we were there for Thanksgiving, but somehow it's felt like an eternity. We'll be rushing around like crazy people today trying to finish up our work, pack, and get all of our Christmas gifts en route to Texas, but the allure of five uninterrupted days at home will make all of the craziness worth it.

Given my intense level of anticipation for our rapidly-approaching trip, I felt it was only fitting to wear an embroidered maroon shirt. Believe you me that I would have worn this baby to the rodeo if I still lived in Texas. Since we don't have any rodeos here in San Francisco, I settled for wearing it to work. But the rodeo would have been way better.






Thanks for sticking with me this week, despite it being a bit of a sparse week here on the blog. Outfit photos have been tricky for the past few weeks - my husband has had to go into work early, and I traveled a bit for work - but we're looking forward to putting together some great content for the new year.

If you're headed home, travel safely, and I'll see you back here next week!

Dress Well: Monday Best

Madewell shirt, Current/Elliot pants, Rag&Bone booties, Madewell necklace, TEXI leather bag, Coach sunglasses (old)

It's outfits like these that reaffirm my belief that dressing well can have a noticeable impact on the way you live your life. I wasn't looking forward to work yesterday - our weekend wasn't very restful, I didn't get much sleep on Sunday night, and I knew I was facing a very busy day. But I got up, put on this fantastically comfortable outfit, and felt great all day. Although this week will be crazy (all-day business trip on Wednesday! Flying to Austin on Friday!) I know I'll find myself on the other side of it just fine. I always do, right? And thank goodness I have velvet pants to help get me there.







DSC_4091As I said above, our weekend was really crazy, but there are a few fun things to report - my company Christmas party was a blast, we finished our Christmas shopping, had a wonderful sushi dinner, saw Dallas Buyers Club (which made me feel so homesick for Texas that I wanted to hop on the first plane back), and, oh yeah, my sister got ENGAGED! I'm so thrilled for her and her new fiancé I can barely stand it. Ever since my own wedding two and a half years ago I've been talking about how much I can't wait for my siblings to get married - after all, you get to experience all the joy with way less work. Oh, and celebrating my sister's lifelong happiness will be pretty cool too :). All in all, it was a great weekend for the Ashcroft family. 

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

Dress Well: Shifting Gears

Anthropologie dress, Old tights, Birds on a Wire necklace (c/o), Rag&Bone booties, Coach sunglasses (old)

I generally do not opt for shift dresses. For some reason they just don't work very well with my body. However, I think think this shift dress is a stunning counterexample - isn't the print so gorgeous? My lovely mother-in-law purchased this dress for me for my birthday and let me tell you, I will be wearing it for years to come. It combines all of the things I look for in a dress: it's beautiful, it's heavy (necessary in San Francisco) and it is ridiculously comfortable. In fact, I'm curled up in it on my couch right now.




Have a great Thursday!