Live Well: Life Lately

Life LatelyAm I boring you guys with my constant pictures of dahlias yet? I would completely understand if the answer is "yes." With these gorgeous, technicolor flowers available every Sunday at my local farmer's market, I find myself compulsively picking up multiple vases worth to beautify our apartment. This post is a celebration of the small things in life that keep you happy. On my list of small things, dahlias are at the top.

Other things currently on my list: Cards Against Humanity, figs eaten with goat cheese and honey, a mug with my face on it that has become my husband's favorite cup (I'm drinking out of your face!), even more padron peppers, and my ever-present favorite, farmer's market strawberries.

Not pictured, but still notable: dinners and brunches and drinks with wonderful friends, Breaking Bad being back on the air, kind co-workers, and most of all, my wonderfully unselfish husband who continues to be his angelic self even though he's been under the weather. I live a good life.

Dress Well (and Eat Well): Sunday at the Farmer's Market

J. Crew sweatshirt, UnderArmor leggings

Natalie, the hardcore coffee drinker: that's a decaf almond milk latte in my hand. You know, the hard stuff.

July has fully lived up to its reputation this year. This past weekend, just like all other weekends this July, was cold, gray, and foggy. Every time my husband and I stepped outside, one of us said, "it's like it's November!" because this weekend's weather felt exactly like November in Texas. We didn't let a little fog interrupt our weekend routine, though - we still got up, bundled up, and walked over to our neighborhood farmer's market. Here's a small peak into our standard weekend:











And this is what those dahlias look like when you get them home. Aren't they beautiful?

DSC_6351Nothing too exciting from this past weekend to report. Our Friday night dinner at AQ was wholly underwhelming. I loved the meal we had the first time we went, but almost every course this time missed the mark. Disappointing. On Saturday we got in a little shopping before coming home because I was feeling pretty sick. Sunday we braved the fog for a bit, cooked a big brunch (more on that later this week!) then lazed around the house. As you can see, I wasn't lying when I said I had nothing exciting to report...

Next weekend we're off to Texas for a friend's wedding. While we'll only be in Dallas for slightly over 24 hours, I'm ready to trade some Texas summer sun for this San Francisco summer fog! Between work and some fun dinners with friends this upcoming week, I'm sure the trip will be here before I know it.

Have a great Monday, everyone!