Live Well: Treasure Island Flea Market


This past weekend my husband and I ventured over to Treasure Island, an island off of San Francisco, to attend its once-monthly flea market. The market always has a treasure trove of odd items for sale, and this outing was no exception. Here are a few shots of some of the funky and fun things we saw.





If I had an extra room to furnish, this would definitely be in it.


I've had a mild obsession with rotary-dial telephones since I was a little kid. I blame it on the hours and hours I spent watching I Dream of Jeannie, BewitchedI Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch, and pretty much any other 60s/70s show I could find. I had to remind myself that 1) this phone is ugly and 2) I don't have a landline, in order to keep myself from buying it just for the rotary dial.


Oh, and Treasure Island is the absolute best vantage point from which to view San Francisco.

DSC_0913After receiving a record player as a belated wedding gift last October, we finally got around to digging through the records sold at the flea market in order to take the thing for a spin. The records above are what we found. So far, I'm obsessed with the novelty of the thing - I know iTunes downloads are so much easier, but there's just something about that crackly record sound that I love so much!

Did anyone watch Downton Abbey last night? As I write this I can still feel the salt left on my face from sobbing during the episode. If you did watch it, I hope you managed to overcome the associated depression in order to get your Monday off to a good start!