Be Well: Dumbbell Snatch

This week's workout features my little sister Hannah, who is undoubtedly the fittest girl I know. Hannah was a swimmer and a cheerleader in high school, and now that she's in college she focuses her infinite energy on Crossfit. I asked her to share a great full-body exercise with us, and the dumbbell snatch was her #1 recommendation. This one-stop shop move requires coordination of your legs, arms, back, abs, and glutes, and will have you sweating after your first rep. Try it with a light weight to get the motion down and then switch to a heavy weight when you're ready to throw yourself into the exercise (Hannah is lifting 40 lbs. in these pictures, I would recommend lifting no less than 20 lbs.). Without further ado, here's Hannah!

DSC_8950How ridiculously cute is this girl?

Start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, knees bent, with the weight on the ground in front of you. DSC_8988


Your back should be flat. Say it with me - your back needs to be flat. This exercise is all about lifting with your legs, arms, and abs. Do not lift with your back.



Power through your legs and pull the weight off the ground.


As the weight rises above hip level, jump slightly to get your bodyweight under the weight, therefore making it easier to press overhead.

DSC_8960_2At the top of the exercise, your legs and arms should be straight, with the weight extended all the way over your head. Lower the weight to the ground and repeat ten times on each side.

I hope everyone is keeping up with their workout resolutions! I'll be back again next Wednesday for more simple ways for you to incorporate weight lifting into your fitness routine. Have a great day!