Eat Well: Elimination // Whole30

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I've been going back and forth on whether or not to tell y'all about this.

On Monday, my husband and I started the Whole30, an increasingly popular diet. Well, the founders of the Whole30 would probably resist the moniker "diet" - it's more about cutting "bad" foods out of your life and only eating naturally occurring things. But you get the point.

To be honest, as far as "diets" go, the Whole30 is up my alley. I've never been able to stick to a diet where you count calories and measure your portions with the end goal of losing weight. What I have done are "elimination diets" - I've given up all dessert for Lent, I've given up gluten for a month, I've given up eating out for a month, etc. I thought I was unique in this, but apparently it's a thing.

In the Whole30, you cut entire food groups out of your diet (desserts, grains, white potatoes, soy, etc.) and can eat as much meat and vegetables as you want which is great because 1) portion control is not my thing but 2) there's only so much meat, vegetables, and fruit you can eat before you're stuffed.

I'll be honest - I was hesitating to tell you guys about this eating experiment because I wanted to avoid accountability on all fronts. Generally when I've tried stuff like this in the past I haven't done a great job - and I'd rather fail in private than fail in public. However, I spent the past two days on a business trip in Wisconsin and somehow managed to stick to the tenets of the plan. You really don't realize how carb-y American food is until you try to buy dinner in an airport. Nonetheless, the fact that I made it through two crazy, travel-filled days means I can easily take on another 27 days at home! And I want you guys to keep me honest. So that's the deal.

Also, please note that this diet did not keep me from pinning about a million Oreo brownie recipes on Pinterest last night. My body may be in the process of giving up sugar, but my mind is still addicted.

Also, the Whole30 website appears to be down, so I can't link to it right now - you should definitely Google it yourself, though!

Eat Well: The Best Chocolate Chip Sandwich Bars Ever


Prepare yourself: I'm about to make a big claim. These chocolate chip cookies bars are the best thing I've ever baked. I know - I don't really bake that often. I'm here to argue that I bake just often enough for that claim to mean something. And if you bake these yourself, you'll totally be on my side.

Since I've been an adult, I've been a little resistant to baking. I think it's the perceived girliness of the thing - something in me has always been opposed to doing overly girly things (like loving chick flicks or using Pinterest or writing a fashion blog...oh wait), and baking falls squarely in that category. However, every once in awhile I'll realize that nobody cares if baking is girly...and you get to eat delicious treats afterwards. So once in a blue moon I furtively troll Pinterest for dessert recipes that look amazing.

I followed this recipe to a T, except I didn't use oats in my batter. I actually love chocolate chip oat cookies, but I realized too late that I didn't have the right kind of oats on hand. With or without them, these treats will be amazing - seriously, I can't recommend them highly enough.








I hope you all had a great Monday - mine was surprisingly nice. I went to work dreading a few of the projects I had to tackle, but left feeling happy with the work I'd done and excited for the next day. Doesn't it feel wonderful when that happens? Here's hoping today is just as great.

Eat Well: Scones

DSC_8916And just when you thought I had tired of giving you guys breakfast posts...

I've been off my breakfast-cooking game recently. These past couple weekends, rather than whipping up fancy breakfasts like I used to, I've been resorting to quick bowls of oatmeal before heading out the door on a morning walk or for morning errands. However, this past weekend my husband and I decided to get back to our old ways. I decided to make this scones recipe from the most recent issue of Bon Appétit - they were the perfect light, fluffy, not-too-unhealthy complement to our standard scrambled eggs and bacon. Even better, they took less than 30 minutes to make - I highly recommend them.






DSC_8936It was a momentous day in my household today - after almost two years of braving crazy San Francisco street parking, we finally got a spot in our apartment building's garage. This may seem boring to you, but it is so exciting for us. Less hours spent parking means more hours spent eating and sleeping - who wouldn't enjoy that tradeoff?

Have a great Thursday!