Live Well: Florida Recap

Florida RecapWell friends, I'm back in San Francisco! Given the airline crash at SFO over the weekend, I'm thankful to be back home safe and sound. Unfortunately, my luggage didn't exactly make it home with me. It apparently wasn't quite ready to get back to real life. So, given I have no makeup and no blow dryer, today I'm treating you to a few snaps from my life over the past week.

The Japanese lantern image above makes me smile every time - my husband, his sisters and I released one over the beach on 4th of July, but that picture makes it look like we're soon to be the victims of an alien invasion. Priceless.

As always, you can follow me on Instagram to see some of these photos and more shots of my day-to-day life.

Check back tomorrow for a special post (hint hint: tomorrow is my wedding anniversary!). Also, if you get a moment, send some positive vibes towards my suitcase. Let it know I'm ready for it to come home now. Until then, I'll be getting crafty with wet hairstyles and limited makeup. If my bag doesn't make it back in the next few days, you guys just might be treated to some photos of how that craftiness turns out!

Happy Monday!

Dress Well: Neon Lace

Madewell top (in store only), J. Crew shorts

Signing off here at the end of this lovely Fourth of July week! I was happy to have this Madewell top with me to help me ring in Independence I keep saying, Madewell is unstoppable lately. I would write more about how much I love it, but I have my last full day at the beach to get to...happy Friday, everyone!











Dress Well: Happy Fourth

Target dress, J. Crew necklace

New. Favorite. Dress. Love the color, love the twirly-ness, love that it was $25. I also love that it looks equally good on the beach as it does with my favorite pair of black booties. Basically, you haven't seen the end of this outfit.

In other news, happy Fourth of July! We'll be spending the day down on the beach, tanning, swimming, and grilling burgers. Does it get better than that? We might even round out the night by watching a Friday Night Lights episode or that's how you celebrate America.









I make twirling look smooth...not.

Enjoy your holiday!

Dress Well: Blue Waves, Blue Linen

Anthropologie dress (old)

Day three in Florida and the sun decided to show its beautiful face again! I just might make it out of here with a tan after all. Here's hoping I can successfully even out my sweet yoga crops tanline by the end of the week.

Last night we went down to a local restaurant and bar for a low-key dinner. I've had this blue linen dress from Anthropologie for four years now, and it never, ever fails me in a casual, summery situation.

Besides rediscovering my old sundresses (tired of that yet?) I've also been rediscovering a second love - my love of braids. I've decided that they are the most practical beach hairstyle out there - they're practically indestructible if executed correctly, so they do a great job of keeping me from looking like that girl from The Ring every time I decide to go for a swim in the ocean. At night, they're the perfect hairstyle to keep the Florida humidity from turning your usually smooth and sleek hair into a frizzy, wispy, standing-on-end disaster. Braids, my friends - they're there for you!












Enjoy your Wednesday - who doesn't love the day before a mid-week holiday?