Live Well: Holiday Hustle

Image via Vmac + cheese

Well, we made it! It's Friday and I couldn't be happier. We're now officially at six workdays left on my countdown clock to Christmas in Austin - it's amazing how time flies by.

While all I want to do this weekend is curl up next to our Christmas tree in our cozy apartment, my to-do list just isn't going to let that happen. My company's Christmas party is tonight (so exciting!) and then we have a weekend full of Christmas shopping / present finalization to do. The weekend will be busy, but all of that will be well worth it once it's time to board our plane a week from today!

I know all of you guys will be hustling and bustling around town this weekend, but I hope for your sake (and for mine, too) that we all get a few quiet moments to read a book, go on a walk, or watch a Christmas movie. This time of year it's so easy to get swept up in all there is to do, that we often have to force ourselves to stop, slow down, and enjoy the smaller things about the season. Amid all my to-dos this weekend I'm hoping to buy some flowers like the gorgeous ones above and take a walk around our neighborhood. What are you looking forward to? I'd love to know.

Have a great weekend!

Live Well: Life Lately

Life LatelyAm I boring you guys with my constant pictures of dahlias yet? I would completely understand if the answer is "yes." With these gorgeous, technicolor flowers available every Sunday at my local farmer's market, I find myself compulsively picking up multiple vases worth to beautify our apartment. This post is a celebration of the small things in life that keep you happy. On my list of small things, dahlias are at the top.

Other things currently on my list: Cards Against Humanity, figs eaten with goat cheese and honey, a mug with my face on it that has become my husband's favorite cup (I'm drinking out of your face!), even more padron peppers, and my ever-present favorite, farmer's market strawberries.

Not pictured, but still notable: dinners and brunches and drinks with wonderful friends, Breaking Bad being back on the air, kind co-workers, and most of all, my wonderfully unselfish husband who continues to be his angelic self even though he's been under the weather. I live a good life.

Eat Well: Gone Glamping

Collage 2You read that right - I am currently out "glamping" with shopkick in celebration of the company's fourth birthday (so cool, right?). As a result, you guys are being treated to shots from my life recently. Of course, I didn't realize that 99% of the shots of my life lately are of food...sorry I'm not sorry?

P.S. - Did you see me featured on Kendra Scott jewlery's Facebook page this week? I'm now also in their Blogger Fans section of their website...go check it out!

Happy Friday - have a great weekend!

Dress Well: A Day In the Park

J. Crew tee, J. Crew cardigan (similar), Target scarf (similar), Citizens of Humanity jeans, J. Crew bracelet, J. Crew bangles, J. Crew flats. Coach sunglesses

Last weekend I got a chance to head out to Golden Gate Park for a friend's birthday party. In preparation, I threw on my absolute best San Francisco park-going outfit: soft cotton fabric, a wool blend sweater for warmth, my stretchiest, comfiest jeans for sitting on the grass in the sun, and my workhorse Target scarf that I've loved for years. Then I threw our camera in the car so that we could be sure to document the outfit in the gorgeous park setting. Of course, I somehow managed to forget the camera's memory card back at home, so we went to take pictures and...nothing happened. Leave it to me to forget the most important part of the camera. However, I was determined to get shots of this look for the blog, so I headed over to the park by our house (seen previously here and here) so that you guys would get the chance to see this outfit in its natural setting. I know, I know, you're welcome.










DSC_6854Although our last couple of weekends have been very low-key, my husband and I have quite the slate of activities planned for this weekend! I'll be kicking off the weekend at happy hour with a friend, followed by dinner at SPQR with my husband (so excited!). On Saturday we have a Rice admitted students welcome party to attend (I'll have to try to keep my husband from convincing the future owls that they should go to Stanford instead), followed by a pasta dinner with friends. I'm looking forward to every single bit. I hope your weekend is equally as amazing!