Live Well: A Day in the Life

Target dress, J. Crew necklace

This post brought to you by my husband and I goofing around with our camera while prepping for the dinner party we hosted this past Saturday. My apologies if the pictures seem a bit random.

We were so excited to host a few friends this past weekend for a little get-together over at our apartment. Because our common tie was Rice, my husband and I decided that it would only be appropriate to serve Tex-Mex. We whipped up some guacamole, queso, pico de gallo, refried beans, fajitas, and (of course) some margaritas. We only managed to capture a few of those things on film (well, digital), though. Here's what we got:



I obviously picked this flower to










So what was everyone up to this weekend? We squeezed in a long walk on Saturday morning then spent the rest of the time watching football and prepping for the dinner party (and watching football at the dinner party). Sunday was low-key as well: home-cooked, brunch, a walk around the neighborhood, reading on the roof, nail appointment with a friend (hi Troy!!!), and then Breaking Bad - do you guys watch it? This last season is killing me. It's the least enjoyable enjoyable show ever. I can't explain it.

However you spent your weekend, I hope you had as much fun as I did. Happy Monday!

Dress Well: Bandwagon Fan

Anthropologie blouse (similar; last seen here), Paige jeans, J. Crew sweater (old), J. Crew flats, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Old necklace (similar)

It's not hard to spot a bandwagon fan - they're always the ones not wearing official team gear, and instead wearing whatever appropriately-colored clothing they could find in their closets. As you can see, I was the epitome of a bandwagon Niners fan yesterday for the Super Bowl. Even as a bandwagon fan, that game was hard to watch - I felt like my heart was in my throat for the entire fourth quarter, and I am still puzzled by the Niners' completely squandered touchdown opportunity near the end. When you're on the five yard line with four downs to get to the endzone, why would you attempt not one, but two pass plays?

My apologies if this football talk makes absolutely no sense to you - sometime during my three years on my high school drill team, followed by three years as a college cheerleader, followed by three years as a relatively dedicated Stanford fan, I became the girl who cares about the game, and not the commercials. However, all of that football fan-dom did not lessen in any way my love of Beyoncé's halftime show - that was definitely the high point of the game. What I would give to be able to dance like that...








DSC_1168I hope all of you had as wonderful of a Super Bowl Sunday as I did. And here's hoping your Monday is off to a good start. Lastly, I hope that San Francisco can pull itself out of its Football Season Affective Disorder and start looking forward to next year! I know I am.

Dress Well: Texas Weekend Snaps

All I can say is that it is completely reasonable for you to be jealous of my first weekend back in Texas. I totally understand. The good times consisted of:IMG_1135

My friend's amazing backyard wedding. So happy for you guys!


My husband and I tearing it up in the photo booth.


Surviving an incredibly rainy Texans tailgate (Texas, I get it: it rains way harder here than in California. YOU WIN).


Watching the Texans beat the Colts from awesome seats.


Visiting my true home. Brown, I miss you every day.

Did you guys have fun weekends? All I know is that there is ONE WEEK left until Christmas, and I could not be more excited! Have a great Monday!