Live Well: Happy Weekend


Happy Friday, friends.

I considered doing an outfit post today, considered writing about The Goldfinch. But then I realized that it's been a long week, and I just want to relax. So I'm going to leave you with a picture of the roses we had as our centerpiece last week, next to our currently-in-progress chess game. Because what says "it's the weekend" more than chess?

A few highlights from the week:

Television. After having it repeatedly recommended to me, my husband and I finally started watching Brooklyn 99! And now I have no idea why it took us so long. If you're not an Andy Samberg fan, stay away, but those of you who (like me) are OBSESSED with The Lonely Island - jump right in.

Haircuts. I finally got my hair cut yesterday and it feels SO GOOD. Pictures to come next week!

Anniversaries. This week marks my one-year anniversary working at shopkick, which is pretty special.

It also marks the three-year anniversary of when my husband and I apartment hunted in San Francisco for the first time and ended up finding the place we now call home. How do you remember that was three years ago, you ask? Well, three years ago we drove up to San Francisco from Stanford on a Thursday evening and looked at an apartment on Chestnut Street, in our current neighborhood. After we looked at the apartment, we strolled down Chestnut (which has a bunch of restaurants and bars) to find a place for dinner. As we were walking down, I was struck by how many people were eating at Mexican restaurants. Every Mexican restaurant was literally packed to the gills, spilling out onto the sidewalks. To be honest, I was encouraged by how popular Mexican food appeared to be - it made it seem like San Francisco wouldn't be that different from Texas after all. It was only a few days later that I realized we had looked at that apartment on CINCO DE MAYO...explaining the neighborhood's obsession with Mexican food. At least it made for a memorable evening.


Enjoy your weekend, friends. This is my husband's and my last weekend doing the Whole30 - we'll hopefully make it count!