Live Well: Sonoma Getaway

Madewell Dress, Rocket Dog boots, J. Crew necklace, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Anthropologie sunglasses

There's nothing I enjoy doing more when we have guests in town than going up to wine country. With so many wineries (and so many wines!) you can do something new and different every single time you go. When we went with my husband's sister this past Sunday, we visited Gloria Ferrer, Loxton, Gundlach Bundschu, and Ram's Gate. We enjoyed all of the wines, and the broad swath of experiences was fun to take in on one day - from sunny, hilltop Gloria to touristy but gorgeous Gundlach to the always-classy Ram's Gate to Loxton, which is literally located in the winery garage. We took it slow, enjoyed each sip, soaked in some sun, and loved every minute. Now, who wants to come visit so I can plan another trip?











DSC_1346My beautiful sister-in-law.

There's just something about Wednesday night, guys - somehow I always seem to end up working until I go to bed. Oh well - in my old job, I was NEVER the last person in the office. I would leave at the first chance I got pretty much every night because I hated the work. These days, I'm happy to stay late - I hardly ever notice when the clock hits 6:00, then 7:00, then sometimes 8:00 while I'm working away. And although that probably means a lot of hours sitting at my desk, at least they're enjoyable hours, right?

All right, enough of that - there are few things as terribly, terribly boring as someone talking about how many hours they work. I hope everyone's short week is going really well so far - I'll be back tomorrow with a Friday outfit post!