Dress Well: At Home.

Texas Home T, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Michael Kors watch, J. Crew bracelet, Old necklace

This past week there was a theory floating around on the internet that one of the Mad Men characters might be dead because she hadn't been seen in a scene with another character for an episode or more. By that logic, my husband and I could have been presumed missing this weekend - we decided to take it easy these past couple days and had zero social engagements. We were pretty much only seen outside our apartment when we went on a walk Saturday afternoon and when we went grocery shopping Sunday morning. Other than that, we spent the entire weekend inside, catching up on sleep, cleaning our apartment and yes, playing more chess (ugh, it's just impossible to suppress the nerdiness!).

As a result, I don't really have any fun outfits to show you guys. I put on makeup and dried my hair for the first time all weekend late Sunday afternoon in order to not look like a complete slob when we took a walk to a neighborhood wine shop. I mean, I guess I could have thrown something on and taken photos in it, pretended like I wore it this weekend, but I have a strict policy against doing that - I want this blog to reflect my real life. So, here's real life for y'all - me, in my Texas Home T, lounging around my apartment on a dreary Sunday afternoon.








We felt okay about taking this past weekend off from being social because my sister and parents land in San Francisco this upcoming Thursday! I'm counting down the minutes until their plane touches down. As always, we have lots of fun dining out on the itinerary - look for updates on that later this week and early next week. I'll be taking this upcoming Friday off for a very special outing with the group...now all I have to do is make it through the next four days of work!

Have a great Monday.

Dress Well: Home.

Home T Texas shirt, Paige jeans, Ivanka Trump heels (similar), J. Crew necklace, Michael Kors watch, J. Crew bracelet, Rebecca Minkoff bag

I feel like you guys are probably catching onto my trick. Heels + jewelry + very casual shirt that would otherwise only be acceptable for wearing on your couch = completely passable outfit for a weekend night. Now I'm really giving away all of my secrets!

My apologies for my somewhat ruffled appearance in these photos: in case you weren't aware, wearing a baggy t-shirt and your hair down on a windy evening just does not make for photographic perfection. But you live, you learn. And no matter how bad the photos are, they will not detract from how much I love my Texas t-shirt. And no worries - I get that it's a bit contradictory to flaunt your Texas t-shirt while in view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I am clearly very conflicted on my feelings about home. But at the end of the day, this shirt is soft, cozy, and features the great state of Texas. What's not to love about that?











DSC_6014Guys, I am exhausted. Hopefully it hasn't shined (shone? Now this is going to bother me.) through into this blog too much, but it's just been one of those weeks that just takes it out of you. I promise I will get to all of your sweet comments and emails in the very near future. Luckily, I have a weekend of long walks, good meals, and too much Breaking Bad ahead of me. AND, lest we forget, Mad Men comes back this weekend. That's probably going to be my favorite part of it all. I spent the days (and let's be real, weeks) after last year's Mad Men premiere singing, "zoobie zoobie zu" and I can only hope that they come up with something equally fantastic this time around.

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks as always for reading.