Something Old, Something Blue

Anthropologie dress (old), Anthropologie scarf (old), Rocket Dog boots, J. Crew bracelet (old), Tory Burch bag, Tory Burch sunglasses

This post has nothing to do with weddings - that was just the most creative title I could come up with.

I often find myself thinking "I have nothing to wear!!" I stand in front of my closet on weekdays and agonize over how I've worn every single combination of every single item of clothing I own. (Don't worry, the mathematical side of my brain knows that that can't be the case. I'm somehow able to post different outfit photos three times a week every week - clearly I'm not hurting for clothes.)

That constant feeling of having NOTHING new to wear, though, makes mornings like yesterday morning all the more sweet. Yesterday I stood in front of my closet, selected a few items that I've had for a long time and yet had never worn together before, and absolutely loved my outfit. The whole experience of getting dressed was easy, low-key, and simple - exactly what I shoot for in my style and exactly what I think everyone's relationship with clothes should be. Dressing yourself shouldn't be a chore - it should be a joy. Yesterday reinforced that.

P.S. - Please excuse my crazy hair in these photos. The wind was out of control yesterday.






DSC_6591This face pretty much says it all on how I feel about crazy wind. Really, the photos I've selected here don't do the wind justice - you should see the 200 photos I deleted where half my hair decided to take up residence over my face.


Have a wonderful day, everyone!