Eat Well: Oven Roasted Tomatoes with Burrata Cheese


This past Saturday we were invited to a dinner party at a friend's apartment where they asked us to bring an appetizer that could double as a side. After one of my friends suggested that I bring a caprese salad, it occurred to me that this was the perfect opportunity to try oven-roasting some tomatoes. I followed Victoria's instructions for the tomato base of my take on caprese. In addition to seasoning my tomatoes with salt and pepper, I used Herbs de Provence, an herb blend that I already had in my spice drawer. I then topped the roasted tomatoes with burrata cheese (you can find it at Whole Foods or you can use regular mozzarella), chopped fresh basil, a drizzle of olive oil, and salt and pepper. I think they came out very well, if I do say so myself - and the whole dish was so easy!





DSC_7399I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It was definitely a good one over here. Despite getting a pretty bad sunburn after reading on the roof yesterday afternoon (when will I learn?) I really enjoyed the warm weather and good meals with good friends. There's really no reason for me to lament the passing of the weekend, though - this week is my last week at Bank of America, I'm starting a new CrossFit class today, and I'm headed to Houston for a friend's wedding at the end of the week! With so much excitement packed into five days, I know I'm in for a wonderful week. I hope you are too - happy Monday!

Eat Well: Napa Pizza Party

J. Crew shirt, Paige jeans, J, Crew flats, J. Crew necklace, J. Crew bracelet

One of the fantastic things about living in the San Francisco Bay Area is being able to take a quick day trip up to Napa any time you want. This past Sunday we took full advantage of that perk, and hopped in the car in the afternoon for an evening filled with friends, wine, and food. We started with a wine tasting at Girard (delicious wines - I highly recommend it if you find yourself in Yountville!) and then headed over to Oenotri for a 10-person pizza party that one of my friends purchased on Gilt City. The food was fantastic - amazing pizzas, great pasta, and dessert that was to die for...and I was literally dying because I'm not eating desserts this month! Whether you live nearby or you come visit from afar, put Oenotri on your "must try" list - you won't regret it!











Have a great day!

Eat Well: Ristobar

This past Friday we finally cashed in the Ristobar tasting menu vouchers that I purchased on Gilt City a few months back. It was such a good deal - $40 per person for four pasta tastings plus wine pairings! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience - the service was great and the ambiance was fun. I definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself in the Marina neighborhood of San Francisco!

Close up of the misprint on my menu (because I am five years old).

I love how the "frescoed" ceilings and walls in the restaurant make you feel like you're actually in Italy, if only for a moment.

My husband - "I'll have the cheese plate...for myself." My kind of guy!

Gnochetti + Ravioli

This weekend was fantastic: after six straight weekends of visitors, trips, or work, it was so great to spend an entire weekend just the two of us, hanging out and falling asleep on the couch early. I didn't cook anything, barely cleaned anything, and now have only two and a half days of work to go before I get to head to Texas to see my two wonderful families! This is the good life, I'm sure of it.