Dress Well: Sailing Towards the Weekend

Anthropologie blouse, J. Crew skirt, Ivanka Trump heels, J. Crew necklace, Michael Kors watch (old), J. Crew bracelet, TEXI Leather bag

Remember when I used to always wear business casual? Those were the days, right? WRONG. After four months of living in a business casual-free zone, my trip back to wearing office attire reminded me of just how uncomfortable it is. Now I remember why during my Bank of America days the first thing I did every day after work was put on sweatpants.

However, I am of the opinion that basically any blouse looks better paired with a pencil skirt than it does paired with jeans. For my business meeting on Wednesday I threw on my trusty sailboats blouse and dusted off my J. Crew pencil skirt. This actually wasn't my first outfit choice for the day - I was initially planning on wearing my favorite striped silk blouse, but a late-in-the-game stain discovery forced an eleventh hour outfit switcheroo. The boats ended up being a very comfy shirt to wear on the plane and in the 100-degree heat we encountered in L.A.






Also, as you can see from these pictures, I was not kidding when I said that I carry my TEXI bag everywhere. In this purse I fit a laptop, an iPad, gifts for our business partners, a pair of flats, and all my normal purse items - wallet, keys, etc. Amazing.


Is everyone excited for Labor Day weekend? I sure am. For some reason I've been looking forward to Labor Day like it's the first day of summer - I'm not sure that my brain has caught up with reality on the fact that this weekend will only be one day longer than a normal weekend. Regardless, my husband and I have already started putting together a list of all the fun things we want to do this weekend, including taking long walks every day, going out for an upscale dinner at Frances, playing some chess, sleeping in, baking (okay, that's mostly me), planning some upcoming trips, and tons of snuggling, of course.

I can only hope that you all have some really fun things in store as well - have a wonderful long weekend!

Dress Well: Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

Club Monaco blouse, Madewell jeans, Ivanka Trump heels, Tory Burch bag (similar), Coach sunglasses (similar)

Look good, feel good, play good: I've heard this phrase associated with golf many times, but I think it applies just as fully to everyday life. After having kind of a rough day at work on Tuesday, I decided Wednesday morning that I would throw all of my energy into making the rest of the week wonderful, starting with my clothes. I pulled out my very favorite pink pants (are you guys tired of them yet?), paired them out with my simple but beautiful Club Monaco blouse, and wore heels to work for the first time since I stopped working at the bank. And you know what? It worked. Wednesday ended up being a wonderful day, and Thursday was even better. Given that trajectory, I have high hopes for today!

Side note: one of the things that made Wednesday so wonderful was so many of my sweet coworkers complimenting me on my outfit. You guys are the best!








So, does everyone have a fun Memorial Day weekend lined up? My husband's sister is in town, so we'll be living it up with her, eating delicious meals, drinking wine, taking in the San Francisco sights, and just generally having a great time hanging out and catching up. I hope all of you have something equally as special planned!

Dress Well: Rehearsal

Laundry by Shelli Segal dress (old), Ivanka Trump heels (old), J. Crew bracelet (old)

This past Saturday was JDRF's Bay Area Hope Gala. After spending the last six months helping plan the event, it was wonderful to get to see the whole thing come together. Despite the fact that Saturday was most decidedly not a rehearsal, there were a few elements that made it feel like one.

First off, my friend Renee Capobianco asked me if she could do my hair for the Gala. Renee has an interview with a salon this week (she recently moved to SF from NYC) and wanted a few more images to use in her portfolio of her work. Obviously I jumped at the chance to have her do my hair, and let me tell you, I'm so glad I did - this is hands-down the best job anyone has ever done with my slippery, slippery locks. I'm still stunned how beautifully it turned out - Renee is so talented!

Secondly, the Gala gave me an opportunity to re-wear my outfit from my rehearsal dinner two years ago. It's not often that I get an excuse to bust out this beautiful dress, so I was so thankful to get to wear it on Saturday. As an added bonus, I realized that my art deco-inspired J. Crew bracelet went perfectly with the dress and shoes. All in all, I think I ended up looking better for the Gala than I did for my rehearsal dinner!







DSC_0300And, because one picture just wasn't enough...

DSC_0262Have a wonderful day.

Dress Well: Sunday Brunch

Anthropologie dress (old), Ivanka Trump heels, J. Crew bracelet, J. Crew bangles, Coach sunglasses (similar)

I’m about to blow your mind – what I’m wearing in these pictures is a dress. I know, I know. Two or three years ago Anthropologie went through a period where they sold a bunch of dresses that looked like shirts tucked into skirts, and I bought as many as I could (remember this one?). These dresses make me look like I’m really good at pairing shirts and skirts, when actually all I have to do is throw on one item. The less thinking I have to do, the better. Which was why this dress was an obvious choice to bring on my trip to Houston this past weekend – I couldn’t pass up a chance to wear it given that it never gets warm enough in San Francisco to bring it out and it ended up being a no-brainer outfit for brunch at the country club. The stretchy waistband let me eat two full helpings of food from the brunch buffet as well as a slice of red velvet cake. When it comes to buffets, you have to dress with intention.

Also, this dress gives me an excellent opportunity to introduce you guys to my collection of bizarre tanlines. I know; you’re welcome. Two ill-fated sunscreen-less (except for my face!) rooftop reading outings have left me looking like I’m always wearing yoga crops and a tank top. And I’m about four shades darker on my front than my back, so that’s an attractive look too…let this be a warning – exposing your skin to the sun for the first time in a year while wearing workout clothes has very bad consequences!










These past few days have left me feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. After a sweet sendoff from my coworkers on Friday, I got to spend two whole days in the company of my wonderful friends and family, celebrating the wedding of one of my very best friends from college. The entire wedding was beautiful, the dancing was a blast, the cake was delicious, and I miss everyone I saw there already. Things have been a bit crazy since departing Texas - my husband and I landed in Oakland last night at 10:30, then had to deal with a flat tire on our car (!!!), and I woke up this morning at 6AM to go to my introductory CrossFit class. Whew. Luckily, I don’t start my new job until next week, so I’ll be bumming around town, taking naps and eating ice cream for the next five days! Life could be worse, right?

Whether you’re bumming around town like me, going to work like usual, or finishing up at school, I hope you have a wonderful week!