Dress Well: Winter White

Anthropologie sweater (on sale!), AG jeans, J. Crew flats, Ernest Alexander via Club Monaco tote, J, Crew bracelet, Coach sunglasses

Seeing as the temperature here in San Francisco stays within a 15-degree range year round, I think I should be able to wear all of my clothes year round as well. When I saw this outfit over at Brooklyn Blonde, I realized that making my jeans winter-appropriate wasn't all that hard after all.





DSC_0024Yesterday was a confusing day - after catching my morning bus at a fortuitous time (and therefore not being as late to work as I could have been), I was greeted at the office with news of corporate reorganizations and layoffs (no worries, my job is safe). After a positive performance review and leaving work before it got dark for the first time in for-ev-er, I ended up three seats away from a homeless guy on the bus ride home who alternated between cursing randomly and insulting the other bus passengers (longest 20 minutes of my life). Luckily, my day ended with my husband and I chowing down on burgers and a milkshake at Roam Burger, the most delicious burger place in all of San Francisco (or at least the Marina). All I know is that today is Friday, and despite being home sick for two days out of the past week, I am so ready for a three-day weekend! Have a wonderful Friday.