Dress Well: Neon Lace

Madewell top (in store only), J. Crew shorts

Signing off here at the end of this lovely Fourth of July week! I was happy to have this Madewell top with me to help me ring in Independence Day...as I keep saying, Madewell is unstoppable lately. I would write more about how much I love it, but I have my last full day at the beach to get to...happy Friday, everyone!











Dress Well: Denim on Denim

I love my chambray shirt and I love wearing jeans, but I've always been hesitant to put the two together. I knew jean-on-jean could be trendy, but every time I put it on in my apartment all it did was scream "I'M FROM TEXAS!" Not really the look I was going for. However, a few weeks ago I saw Jenny's post over at Crazy Style Love and I realized that all I needed to do to make denim-on-denim work was layer and wear a statement necklace. I'll let you judge the results for yourself.

As I've said before, turquoise + burgundy is a beautiful thing.

Speaking of being from Texas, less than a week left until I'm there enjoying four straight days of Thanksgiving wonderfulness (oh, and my birthday). Needless to say, I'm counting down the hours at this point. I hope everyone enjoys their last weekend before the holiday!