Be Well: Lateral Arm Raise With Rotation


Just a quick, easy arm and back exercise for you today. When you maintain proper posture, this should give the tops of your arms, your sides, and your lat muscles a great little workout.

This is one exercise where I will suggest that you not go overboard on weight. 8-10 lbs. is the sweet spot in this exercise. But be sure to stay in that sweet spot - 5 lbs. or less is much too light.

Start with your arms at your sides, standing up straight, with hips tucked under you, feet hip-width distance apart, and abs tight.


Slowly raise your weights up in the same plane as your body. Be sure to make your arms and side muscles do the lifting. If you are hunching or arching your back, you're doing it wrong! DSC_2038


After you hit a T position, start bringing your arms around to the front while keeping them straight. Remember to keep standing up straight - do not round out your back. The effort should still be centered in the tops of your arms. DSC_2025

DSC_2043Keep bringing arms toward the front until your hands are shoulder width apart in line with your shoulders.

At this point, you have two options:

Option 1: Lower your arms towards your lap. On the next rep, keep your arms at the front of your body and close together and lift up and towards the front first, and then repeat the above exercise in reverse - rotate arms out until you're in the T position and then lower your arms towards your sides. Repeat the exercise 10 times, alternating between lifting from your sides on the first rep, and then lifting from your lap on the second.

Option 2: Once your hands meet in front of you, immediately rotate them back out towards your T position, reversing the workout as depicted above. Repeat 10 times for one set.

In either case, try to get in at least three sets of 10 reps.

Although I still have so much to do before leaving for Texas on Thursday afternoon (!!!), last night I decided to skip out on my chores and instead allowed myself the little luxury of going to get my nails done. And the luxury (laziness?) didn't stop there - I then went home, ordered sushi for delivery, and sat around watching Chopped. My to-do list didn't get any shorter, but I can't really say that I regret the way I chose to spend last night - sometimes, one night of relaxation is exactly what you need.