Dress Well: Monogrammous


 All Saints jacket, Madewell shirt (old), Paige jeans, J. Crew shoes, Anthropologie necklace, J. Crew bracelet, Madewell monogrammed tote (no longer available in the Cabernet color--but a very similar color/design available from Cuyana), Ray-Ban sunglasses

This just so happens to my 400th post - something I didn't realize until 30 seconds ago. So, to celebrate (because I didn't prepare anything special), I bring you monograms! (Okay, just one monogram.)

To be honest, even though I've been married for three and a half years, my married monogram still doesn't entirely feel like my own. Maybe getting to look at it on this beautiful bag for years to come will assist me with making the full transition to my (no longer very) new name. And if you find yourself desiring your very own Cabernet tote (because Madewell no longer sells this color), may I suggest getting this one from Cuyana? (I love their stuff.)







Oh hey there.

I say this every Monday - but this past weekend was one of my favorite yet. We got to spend some time with one of our favorite organizations on the Berkeley campus on Saturday morning, then spent Saturday afternoon and evening cooking homemade jambalaya and going to see Selma. Yesterday we headed to Napa with some wonderful friends (pictures Friday!) and then capped off the weekend my very favorite way - by folding laundry and watching the Golden Globes. And yes, I am thrilled that Boyhood won both Best Director and Best Drama - although Selma was so wonderfully made, touching, and important that I was sad it couldn't win too. Above all, I think the most genuine moment of the entire telecast was Common's acceptance speech for the award for Best Original Song (look it up on YouTube--it's not up yet as of the writing of this post!). Speeches like that are why I love watching people win trophies.

Happy Monday, everyone.

Dress Well: Check it Out

J. Crew scarf, All Saints leather jacket, J. Crew blouse, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Madewell boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag

This. Scarf. Is. Huge.

And I love it.

It's been freezing in my office lately, so this scarf has been a godsend. Granted, it's never colder than about 45 degrees here (and that's at night) so maybe this scarf is overkill. (Go ahead, roll your eyes at me - I deserve it.) Either way, wearing a scarf that can double as a blanket in a pinch is genius, if I do say so myself. I recommend it for all of y'all that are truly facing cold weather!





DSC_6772I wish I had something interesting from my life lately to insert here...but I totally don't. So I'll save you a few seconds of boredom and just say that I will see you back here tomorrow!

Dress Well: Here's to 2014

J. Crew shirt, Joe's jeans (similar), Rag&Bone booties, J. Crew necklace, J. Crew bangles, TEXI leather bag, Coach sunglasses (old)

This is the outfit I wore to ring in 2014. We spent New Year's Eve at our friends' apartment, quietly celebrating the new year. It was perfect.

My mom got me this amazing shirt and necklace for Christmas - I can't wait to wear them many, many more times in the upcoming year.







DSC_4273Plans for today include sleeping in, watching 30 Rock, and taking a walk around the neighborhood. Oh, and there might be a bit of work, but that's okay because we leave for the Virgin Islands on Friday!

Happy 2014, everyone!

Dress Well: TEXI On My Mind

TEXI Harvest Brown All Leather Shopper, J. Crew shirt (old), Citizens of Humanity jeans, Rag & Bone boots, Michael Kors watch (similar), J. Crew bangle

Today I am SO excited to be posting about my brand-new TEXI leather bag. In reading this blog you may have picked up on the fact that my purse collection is tiny. I have two main bags that I carry regularly, and two others that get subbed in every once in awhile. That's it. But as of this week, things are changing.

I don't have few bags by choice - if I had unlimited money, I would also have unlimited purses. However, given the prevailing price of purses today and given how picky I am about appearance and quality of my bags, I struggle to find anything on-trend and attractive that doesn't literally cost $1,000.

My point, you ask? Given everything above, I could not be happier to have my lovely, durable, reasonably-priced TEXI bag. I've been carrying it everywhere since I got it about a week ago and I couldn't be a bigger fan of the gorgeous handcrafted leather AND the fact that it fits all the stuff I lug to and from work - laptop, wallet, chapstick collection, car keys, jacket, etc.

Even better, this bag was designed and produced by one of my wonderful friends from back home who, along with her business partner, is running TEXI by adhering to an admirable creed--dedicating their business to bringing textile manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

That's right--this beautiful baby was truly made in the USA. You can learn all about TEXI's mission on their website, where you can also buy one of these bags for yourself. I can't recommend it highly enough--I only wish I'd owned this bad boy back when I was schlepping books across campus.DSC_8192








Extra special bonus feature: a pretty design on the bottom.


Have a wonderful Tuesday and I will see you back here tomorrow!