Dress Well: Wild Thing

Anthropologie blouse, Joe's jeans (old), Steve Madden flats (old), Thai Bracelet via The Distillery (1, c/o), Thai Bracelet via The Distillery (2, c/o), J. Crew bangles, J. Crew bracelet

I mean, it has zebras on it - need I say more? A very special thank you to my mother-in-law for snatching this beautiful blouse up for me when she saw it at Anthropologie over the holidays. I've been in love with it since I first opened it on Christmas Day!





DSC_6126In a complete reversal from last week, we currently have no plans this weekend - a situation I am completely fine with. The weather in SF has been gorgeous, so I'm hoping to squeeze in some rooftop reading and a few long walks around the neighborhood. Plus, we've got to knock out another Best Picture nominee - only three more left to go!

I hope you all have a spectacular weekend - see you back here next week!

Dress Well: Puffer Up

J. Crew vest, Club Monaco blouse (similar), Paige jeans (old), Steve Madden flats (old), TEXI leather bag, Coach sunglasses (old)

Another fall, another reason to wear my all-time favorite J. Crew puffer vest. It's not really as warm as it looks, but hey - who said jackets needed to be functional, right?






It's (almost) the weekend and I couldn't be happier. It has been a looooooong week, my friends. My husband's birthday is on Monday, so we'll be spending the weekend celebrating in our own small little ways, doing thrilling things like watching Scandal at home on our couch on Friday night. I know - we know how to party.

I hope you guys have fun things in store - happy Friday!

Dress well: Emerald City

J. Crew blouse, J. Crew leggings, Steve Madden flats (old), TEXI leather bag, Coach sunglasses (old)

I'll be honest - I'm not overly impressed with how this shirt photographed. It's beautiful in person - the heavy crepe material is really nice and it's a really lovely shade of green. I sized up because I liked the idea of it being a little large and drapey, but that seems to have resulted in it looking less than stellar in pictures. Oh well. I will still be wearing it repeatedly this winter - the weight is perfect for colder weather, and the length makes it a perfect match for my J. Crew leggings.






Isn't getting through Monday always such a relief? Even though I tend to wind up enjoying my Mondays at work, there's still something so nice about putting the first day back behind you. Now I'm ready to dive into my weekly routine - gym, work, dinner, sleep, repeat!

Have a great day.

Dress Well: Like a Long Weekend

All Saints leather jacket, Madewell blouse, Paige jeans (old), Steve Madden flats (old), Anthropologie (old), J. Crew bangle, Coach sunglasses (old)

I can't find much to say about this outfit, other than I feel like it's an outfit entirely composed of my wardrobe staples - leather jacket, leopard flats, J. Crew bangles, favorite jeans, and Anthropologie necklace. The miles I've gotten out of almost all of these items is unbelievable - isn't it so funny that no matter how many pieces of clothing you have, you end up wearing a select few over and over and over again? I'll have to do a post sometime soon on my best buys ever based on a price-per-wear metric. Let me tell you, these jeans will definitely be on that list.









Well, it may be a long weekend for you, but it is not a long weekend for me. Sigh. If I still worked at Bank of America, I would have today off, but let me tell you right now: that trade is NOT worth it. However, my weekend was so jam-packed with fun times with friends and quality time spent with my husband that it almost feels like I had an extra day in there. I even got to spend the last part of my weekend watching Grease on ABC Family (...speaking of leather jackets, right?). I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I LOVE that movie. I must have seen it 200 times when I was a kid. I still know the majority of the dialogue by heart. I'll let you judge my taste in movies for yourselves.

Have a great Monday!