Eat Well: M&M Cookies

When the Giants win the World Series during Halloween week, you are basically required to make orange and black cookies. I used this recipe. To be honest, I think it needs more wet stuff - I'm just not sure what. Probably butter? However, I brought the cookies to work yesterday and my coworkers went out of their way to tell me how good they were. Maybe I just have awesome coworkers (which I do). Either way, I suggest trying the recipe for yourself and seeing what you think!

I'm also refuse to cook unless I have some goods jams blasting out of my speakers (that's right, the only set of speakers I own are in my kitchen). During this baking session, I was listening to my favorite (albeit unoriginal) favorite song:

My Halloween plans are still very much up in the air - is it even possible to have plans if you don't have a costume? We shall see. I hope all of you have a very spooky and sweet Halloween!