Live Well: Recipe for the Perfect Weekend

You know, just the view of the bay from our neighborhood.

I have to admit - although the past few weekends have been enjoyable, something about them has been a bit lackluster. Part of the problem has been cold weather, part has been residual workweek exhaustion and worries, and part has been our Whole30.

Because our diet is pretty limited right now, I've been hesitant to make plans with friends. I mean, no one likes to hang out the weirdo at a small dinner party who awkwardly and nervously avoids bread, pasta, and cheese at every turn. When you don't eat those things but your friends do while in your presence, they almost always feel like you're judging them, even when you're not.

But this past weekend we were blessed with a trifecta - the weather was beautiful, I didn't have any work stuff hanging heavy on me, and I put extra effort into making plans with friends (by scoping out restaurant menus beforehand). Here's my recipe for the perfect weekend:

1. Get off of work before 6PM on Friday.


2. Enjoy a long dinner with one of your oldest friends and his wife at a great restaurant.


3. Wake up the next morning and get a great workout. Note - I am usually NOT a selfie person, but after Saturday's CrossFit workout I felt compelled to document just how sweaty and red I was looking. For those of you who are interesting in this kind of thing, this is what we did:

Warm-up: 5x5 squats @ 75%

Workout: In groups of three, complete

Run 800 meters

150 thrusters

150 calories rowing

150 burpees

Run 800 meters

= death

4. Have your husband cook you a delicious brunch


5. Take a long walk around your beautiful neighborhood. (Unfortunately, that is not my husband and me laying on the grass. I agree, it would be a lot cooler if it was.)

6. Get dressed up for dinner, only to forget your memory card, making the camera you carted to dinner with you totally useless. (Don't worry, you know me - I'll just re-wear that outfit this week.)

7. Go to a delicious early dinner with friends (who were lovely and accommodating of our weird diet when we discovered that everything is served family-style).

8. Go see niche artsy films like you used to in college. (We saw Locke. Not unexpectedly, we loved it.)

9. Wake up and take your poor body that endured that CrossFit class to yoga.

10. Eat a delicious brunch at Kitchen Story. (Seriously - so good. And the wait for two people at noon on a Sunday was only 20 minutes! Unheard of by San Francisco standards.)

11. Take an afternoon nap.


12.  Make totally delicious, totally easy, totally Whole30-compliant tuna and avocado lettuce wraps for Sunday dinner.

13. Close out your Sunday by watching Mad Men. (I'm still devastated that we're only getting seven episodes this year.)


I hope everyone had a similarly spectacular weekend. I'm also pretty excited about the upcoming week - for the first time in a LONG time, I will not be flying anywhere - woohoo!

Enjoy your Monday - I'll see you back here tomorrow.