Dress Well: Short and Sweet

Madewell blouse, Joe's jeans (old), Shoedazzle heels (old), Birds on a Wire  necklace c/o, J. Crew bracelet, TEXI leather bag, Coach sunglasses (old)

I don't usually go for short shirts, but something about this one just works for me. Maybe it's the cut, or the print, or the fabric, or my tastes are just different, but it took all of two seconds for me to decide that this baby had to come home with me after trying it on at the store. I also love how it perfectly matches one of my favorite pairs of heels. Add a big necklace and you've got an outfit I will be wearing on repeat for months to come.









Have a great day!

Dress Well: Think Pink

Madewell sweater, Madewell skirt, Rag & Bone booties, Madewell necklace, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Coach sunglasses (similar)

Man, I'm having quite the neon-pink week, and it's only Tuesday!

I'm not sure what changed, but Madewell has been knocking it out of the park for me recently. I used to find nothing in there, but now I can't walk in without walking out with four or more items (don't worry, I pay for them). This sweater was my most recent find - although I've been a bit hesitant to embrace the trend of looser fitting sweaters (they don't always look the best on girls with broad shoulders) this one really changed my mind. Paired with this skirt, the outfit feels very Kendi Everyday - do you guys read her blog? I aspire to her perfect blend of humor and style. Maybe if I keep dressing like her I'll get her knack for comedy, too.








Dress Well: My Favorite Color

Gap sweater, Madewell jeans, J. Crew flats, J. Crew necklace, Anthropologie bag (similar), Tory Burch sunglasses

Navy blue is, and will always be, my favorite color. However, I've found that in most cases it's necessary to force myself to resist the temptation to buy navy blue tops and sweaters - because we wear jeans year-round here in SF, it's virtually impossible to craft an outfit with a navy top if you don't want to look like a giant dark blue popsicle (something I've been guilty of on many occasions). However, colored denim has proven to be a total game-changer in that respect. Now that I have neon pink jeans, bring on the navy shirts! I'd wear them every day if I could.






Well, I've got another week full of hard work, note taking, careful listening, and question asking ahead of me, and I couldn't be more excited! Although I tried to get my rest in this weekend, I'm not sure I was wholly successful - dinner with friends, long walks, an outing to Troya, going to see Mud, an Ikea trip, watching a friend perform in a musical, and a Mad Men viewing party all got in the way of being completely rested. Not feeling sorry for me? You shouldn't be - it was a fantastic weekend :)

Enjoy your Monday.

Dress Well: Madewell

Madewell shirt, AG jeans, J. Crew necklace, Tory Burch bag (very similar), Coach sunglasses

Despite my best efforts, I am yet to become much of a Madewell fan/customer. They have a great store here in San Francisco, but every time I go I encounter one of two problems 1) I don't see anything that really reflects my style (at a reasonable price point) or 2) Everything I try on is way too wide and way too short. I don't know why this seems to affect only me - both of my sisters and both of my sisters-in-law have a ton of Madewell clothes and look adorable in all of them (in fact, I think I may have copied my sister-in-law by purchasing this shirt...if I did, sorry L!). Anyway, I always leave Madewell discouraged, and then shuttle over to J. Crew where I love everything in the store (as every single post on this blog reflects all too well).

This top is one of the two exceptions I've found to my Madewell troubles (with the other one being this sweater). It's a little "out there" for me (stripes and polka dots!) but I know it's good to try new things, and the shirt is so comfortable that I know I'll end up wearing it a ton. It was the perfect shirt for the warm weather we had in San Francisco last weekend, and I look forward to wearing it on many more sunny Sundays.










DSC_2252Have a good day!