Dress Well: The Double


 Old Navy blouse, Blank NYC jeans via Madewell (old), Chie Mihara wedges, Madewell necklace, J. Crew leopard bracelet (old), J. Crew pavé bracelet, Anthropologie bag (old)

You guys: the shirt in the photo above and the shirt in the sidebar of this website are NOT the same shirt. I know. Mind blown.

Let's compare side by side. Here's the shirt from the sidebar: DSC_1138

And here's the other one:


They're basically fraternal twins.

As I've talked about in the past, the shirt in the sidebar is one of my favorite pieces of clothing of all time. Because it's one of my favorite pieces of clothing, I have worn it so many times that it is practically disintegrating. It's ripped across the back, the dye in the stripes is running, and the whole thing is just very...fragile. So when I was in Old Navy last week and saw what appeared to be the EXACT SAME SHIRT, I had to buy it. There was no question.

The Old Navy version isn't as spectacularly perfect as the original - it's polyester, not silk, a little bit looser-fitting, has a frocket, and is generally not as high-quality. But it was $23 - easily a third of the price of the original from J. Crew. And its life will probably be longer - so what could I possibly complain about?

Best of all, it means the short-sleeved striped (fake) silk shirt won't be exiting my closet any time soon. And that makes me a happy girl.




DSC_3727The other thing that makes me a happy girl is the fact that we're headed to Cincinnati today! We're going to the wedding of two of our close friends and couldn't be more excited to reunite with college buddies and celebrate such a happy occasion.

Have a great weekend - I'll see you back here next week.

Dress Well: Pink Pants Day

Madewell blouse, Blank NYC jeans via Madewell, J. Crew flats, J. Crew necklace, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Friday was "bright pants" day at work (long story). I'm obviously a fan of "bright pants" day - it gave me a very welcome reason to break out my neon Blank NYC jeans. Also, I can hardly believe that this is the first time I've worn this Madewell blouse on the blog! I absolutely LOVE it (and wore it both Friday and Saturday night this weekend. Shhhh.....).




I hope you all had fun weekends. The highlights of mine included dinner with friends at Park Tavern (DELICIOUS - highly recommend), getting a facial, making all of my husband's dreams come true by going to see the LEGO Movie, and dinner at Foreign Cinema (also delicious). It all flew by so fast - don't they always?

Have a great week.

Dress Well: Got My Walkin' Shoes

All Saints leather jacket, Madewell sweater (old), Paige jeans (old), Madewell necklace, Converse, Coach sunglasses (old)

In anticipation of our trip to Disneyland on Monday (!!!), I finally broke down and bought myself a pair of Chuck Taylors. I feel like I've been in a weird tennis shoe situation for awhile now - I have workout shoes, but nothing that I can wear casually around town on your average weekend day. Let's just say that problem has been fixed - I've had these babies for four days, and I've already worn them twice. Now I can't wait to march them out in the Happiest Place on Earth!





DSC_3056It's been a long week, which makes this the best kind of Friday - not only am I celebrating the end of a hard week, but I also get to celebrate the fact that I board a plane to L.A. tomorrow morning. It will only be a four-day trip, but I couldn't be more excited. Sunshine, good food, and rollercoasters are exactly what my life needs right now!

Have a great weekend.

Dress Well: Found

All Saints leather jacket, Madewell sweater, Paige jeans (similar), J. Crew flats, Kendra Scott necklace, Michael Kors watch (similar), Coach sunglasses (old)

While I brought home many great memories from our trip to Seattle last weekend, I only brought home one physical item - this beautiful leather jacket. After years of online research, careful pondering, and gazing longingly at leather jackets all over the country, I finally found the one that's perfect for me.

Lucky for me, my parents, husband, and I wandered into the big, beautiful All Saints store in Seattle on Friday morning. This jacket caught my eye right away and, after finding that it fit perfectly, my mom offered to get it for me as an early birthday present. Talk about an offer you can't refuse! I wore it nonstop for the rest of the trip, and will be wearing it every day here in San Francisco, fall, winter, spring, or summer. Can you tell that I'm thrilled to have it?








DSC_0728You may have noticed that these pictures were taken on the streets of San Francisco...and not Seattle. Unfortunately, a combination of rain and darkness prevented me from getting any outfit photos while on my trip. Sad face. However, I did get a few great snaps of the city - those photos + a quick recap of the trip will be coming at you tomorrow!

Finally, did everyone watch the Breaking Bad finale? If so, what did you think? We're still having a hard time believing that the show's over, but were pleased with how everything turned out. Also, watching Aaron Paul live it up on Saturday Night Live was a nice addition to the finale weekend.

I hope everyone had a great weekend - happy Monday!