Be Well: Hitting Snooze

Image via havenvintage

Disclaimer: this post is not actually about sleep.

I'm hitting snooze on writing a "real" blog post today...last night (and the night before) was a long, late night, so I'm just not feeling well enough to write about being well, you know?

Instead, you're going to get some random bits and pieces from my brain:

While we're on the subject of alarm clocks, I thought that I would share that I still use the analog alarm clock my mom gave to me circa 1994. I believe the message passed on with it was "I know you're in kindergarten, but I don't have time to get you out of bed. Figure out how to set an alarm." (Side note: this was a very justified comment. I have four younger siblings.) As a result, I'm great at waking up to alarm clocks and awfully attached to my near-broken lifeline to wakefulness. Yes, it emits a loud static sound any time you get too close to it (not joking) and pressing the minute button requires the finger strength of a champion harpist (also not joking) but my trusty alarm has always been a constant in my life, so I won't be swapping it out any time soon.

I, like every other quasi-TV snob in America right now, am obsessed with Orange is the New Black. My husband and I have watched an episode every night this week - I'm glad we found a new show so soon after finishing Arrested Development.

Most importantly, today is my dad's birthday! Happy birthday, Daddy! I wish more than anything that I could be at home in Texas to celebrate with you. I love you very much.

Back tomorrow with something less random!