Dress Well: Bejeweled


Topshop top via Nordstrom (old), J. Crew white jeans, Sam Edelman sandals, J. Crew necklace (old), J. Crew bangle, Anthropologie bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Is it just me, or did the peplum trend totally disappear? I haven't seen a new peplum item in a store or online in quite some time. How quickly these things come and go.

Maybe peplum is gone from stores, but it's certainly still got a place in my closet. I bought this top last year and I will be wearing it for a few more years to come at least. I love the color, it makes me feel like my arms are awesome, and it plays nicely with big necklaces - win, win, win.

I also just can't get enough of this old Anthropologie bag these days. If you had told me on the day that I got it that I would someday be wearing it while living in San Francisco and taking photos for my fashion blog, I would have told you you were out of your mind. I guess clothing trends aren't the only things that make dramatic changes in the course of a few years.





DSC_3475At this point in the week, I'm about ready to go into hibernation. Wake me up when it's Friday, won't you?

Dress Well: Gingham Gloom


J. Crew shirt (old), Paige Denim jeans, Chie Mihara wedges (I swear, Lord & Taylor is GIVING these things away), super old necklace - designer unknown, J. Crew leopard bracelet (old), J. Crew pavé bracelet, Tory Burch bag (updated version)

I'm going to level with you - I just wasn't feeling that "spark" yesterday.

I really felt like everything was working against me - it was Monday, I was woken up at 5:45 in the morning by the world's loudest garbage truck on our street, and it was cold, and gloomy, and windy, and just generally depressing outside. I looked in my closet, and EVERYTHING felt outdated. You know how those mornings go.

In an attempt to change it up, I grabbed this gingham shirt. I've read a few blogs where the girls have put together really cute outfits with gingham shirts lately, and I thought maybe if I put this shirt on, inspiration will strike. But it didn't. Instead, I felt like my shirt was taunting me all day - it's so summery, but the weather here was the definition of June Gloom.

Maybe inspiration will strike later this week. Maybe. DSC_2662





In case you don't believe me that the weather was gross: here's me doing battle with the wind:

DSC_2660Cute, right?

Two quick pop culture things - I just started B.J. Novak's book One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories and I'm really enjoying it so far. The last book I read was a dense, heavy, and just generally unenjoyable book, so this is a nice change of pace.

Also, is anyone out there watching Fargo? I can't believe how good it's gotten - we're really looking forward to the episode tonight. Although there have been so many great moments, the Key & Peele cameo in the last episode may have been one of our favorite things to date. I'm very curious to see how the whole thing ends - they have truly defied our expectations up to this point.


Here's hoping the gloom stays away - have a great day.

Dress Well: On A Slant

Anthropologie blouse, Old sweater from Nordstrom, J Brand jeans, Chie Mihara wedges, Kendra Scott necklace, Clare Vivier clutch, Ray-Ban sunglasses

 This is the first of a few items I snapped up two weekends ago when Anthropologie had a 15% off sale (the psychology of that sale TOTALLY worked on me - I'll admit it). No surprises that I love this shirt - it's a short-sleeved, silk, patterned shirt, which I seem to be collecting these days (see here, here, and here for further evidence). Predictable or not, it ended up being the perfect thing to wear to our Saturday night dinner at The Slanted Door (and I didn't get any food on it - a real accomplishment!).

Speaking of The Slanted Door - having my siblings in town this past weekend was absolutely fantastic. I haven't had a weekend that fun in a long, long time (and all of my weekends are fun!). I miss them like crazy already and can't wait for them to come back. The only good thing about them leaving, though, is it brings me one day closer to my sister and her fiancé coming to visit - they land in SF this Friday! So the good times will certainly continue.

If you're interested in the places we visited and what we ate while they were here, see the end of this post!






DSC_1918Siblings' visit itinerary:

We kicked things off with a VERY long walk around town and a stop at Smitten ice cream.

Thursday dinner: Zero Zero

Friday morning CrossFit workout

Friday brunch: Brenda's French Soul Food

Drove to China Beach, then hiked Land's End

Ice Cream at Bi-Rite Divisadero + walked to Alamo Square Park

Friday dinner: Zuni Café (the whole dinner was fantastic, but the oysters were A-MAZ-ING)

Saturday morning CrossFit

Saturday brunch: Park Tavern (GET THE PANCAKES - that's an order)

Drove through the Marin Headlands and hiked out to the Point Bonita lighthouse, then drove to Sausalito and got ice cream at Lappert's

Saturday dinner: The Slanted Door

Sunday brunch: Kitchen Story


Have a great Monday, friends - Memorial Day is almost upon us!

Dress Well: 1PM Photoshoot

J. Crew blouse (old), Paige Denim jeans, Zara heels (similar), J. Crew necklace (old), Anthropologie bag (old), Ray-Ban sunglasses

It all started last week, when a shopkick engineer came up to me and asked, "do you have time for a photoshoot next week?" Much to my surprise, I had been randomly selected as the stand-in for some screens in our app. Startup responsibilities come in all shapes and sizes.

They needed a girl who looked quasi-fashionable - so I defaulted to what I always default to when trying to look like I know what I'm doing. I put on my favorite J. Crew shirt (see website sidebar for further demonstration of my love) and a pair of heels. I got fancy and curled my hair and all of a sudden I was in photoshoot business.

Don't get me wrong - this was in no way a glamorous photoshoot. If the team decides they like the pictures, you might see the back of my head in the app. Might. But you know what? I had a fun time dressing up for it anyway.






Now, as promised, the story of my "logistical difficulties" earlier this week.

On Wednesday I flew to L.A. at 6:45AM with two of my co-workers for a business meeting. Despite the early wakeup, the trip wasn't going to be too bad - we were scheduled to fly out at 3:30, getting us home before 6PM. However, about an hour before our flight home, the radar system that covers all of Southern California went down...with no indication of when it might come back online. Airport personnel kept coming over the loudspeaker telling everyone to rebook their flights for tomorrow.

We were only there for a day trip, so we didn't have clothes, toiletries, basic essentials, etc. After a little time spent with Google Maps, we decided to ditch the uncertainty of the airport and drive back to San Francisco. Crazy, I know.

Our road trip ended up being SO much fun. We sped through gorgeous parts of California while listening to music and chatting the hours away. Even better, we didn't have to deal with the stress, anger, and claustrophobia that would have undoubtedly come from hanging around the airport.

Well, everything was great until we pulled into the Oakland airport (we made record time, I might add). We stopped in Oakland because we had to pick our cars up from where we had dropped them at 6AM that morning. While on the road that leads to the terminal, I got pulled over for the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE and given a ticket for an unfortunate run-in with a double white line. Pulled over after five hours of speeding through the California countryside, never once seeing a policeman! The policeman at the airport showed no pity, and now my perfect driving record is ruined.

But it's okay. If anything, the ticket only makes the day more memorable. I'm pretty sure my co-workers and I will be laughing about it for years to come.


After all that, I think I deserve to have a great weekend - which is exactly what I plan on doing. I can only hope you'll do the same!