Dress Well: Mission Critical

Madewell shirt, Paige jeans, Zara heels, Thai bracelet via The Distillery - 1, Thai bracelet via The Distillery - 2, Unknown bracelet, Rebecca Minkoff purse, Ray-Ban sunglasses

This Madewell shirt has not gotten nearly enough wear (last seen here). Maybe it's because the last time I wore it coincided with a bit of a systems meltdown at work (long story) or maybe it's because I know as soon as I put it on I'll inevitably drop food on it (which, yes, definitely happened not long after these photos were taken), but for some reason, I always seem to pass over it when I'm getting dressed in the morning. Regardless, I've made it a personal goal to pluck this sucker out of my closet more often. As you can tell, I have really inspirational goals.






Yesterday was one of those days where everything seemed custom-designed to annoy me. Starting around 4PM, nothing went my way - from short tempers to battling with computer problems to driving in heavy rain, everything was a downer. I got home around 9PM and of course immediately started complaining to my husband about my lamentable day. And despite the fact that I was tired, and whining, and basically a total bummer to be around, my husband immediately went out and bought us red wine and chocolate ice cream to help me take the edge off.

While the ice cream and wine was nice (don't get me wrong) what actually took the edge off was being able to marvel at what an amazing husband I have. Seriously, I am steeped in good fortune. Today, I'm going to try my best to maintain a better attitude - I have no good reason to be anything but happy. I hope you feel the same way about your own situation.

Have a great day - see you back here tomorrow to close out the week!

Dress Well: Summery Thoughts

Madewell shirt, Madewell jeans, Zara heels, J. Crew bracelet (old), Coach sunglasses (old)

If we can't have summery weather here in San Francisco, the best we can do is to think summery thoughts. This outfit is like the "summery thoughts" team uniform - with florals and/or neons covering every inch, I feel like it should be standard-issue wear for everyone's favorite season (oh wait, that's fall).







After back-to-back busy weekends and spending a week fighting to stay healthy (my husband has a bad cold) we are looking forward to doing exactly NOTHING this weekend. (I know, that's not the first time you've heard me say that.) We just started watching Scandal (I know! So late to the party!) so something tells me a fair portion of this weekend will be dedicated to polishing off a few more episodes. Other than that I'm hoping for at least one long walk around my favorite city and at least one good meal out...as always, you'll hear my report on Monday!

Have a great weekend.