Live Well: 3/9/13 Weekend Recap

IMG_1564Friends, this past weekend was quite possibly the most perfect combination of uniquely San Franciscan experiences. The fun included...


A morning Pure Barre class followed by my husband and I gorging ourselves at dim sum at Hong Kong Lounge. This picture was taken while I was in the middle of eating my absolute favorite dim sum dish, pork buns.


Next, we hopped over to Grand View Park, an absolutely gorgeous spot that we'd somehow never been to. The park is a must-see while in San Francisco: you really can't beat the view.


After that, we headed home and took an hour and a half nap...because it's basically impossible to stay awake through an entire day when you've had dim sum for brunch.


After we woke up from our nap, we headed down to the A.C.T. theater to see Dead Metaphor. I bought tickets for the play last minute on a deal site, but somehow we ended up with seats in the very first row! That part was neat. Because they didn't allow photography in the theater, my husband took the stealth selfie above - as you can tell by my face, I was definitely prepared to be photographed. Anyway, we had a fun time - the play itself wasn't that good, but it was well-acted and who doesn't enjoy a night out?

After leaving the theater, we hopped on the Powell-Mason cable car and rode it to North Beach, where we grabbed slices of pizza from Tony's Pizza Napoletana. The main restaurant was closed for the night, so we ducked into the Tony's pizza shop next door and ordered slices at the counter. Since the wait is always absurdly long at Tony's, I definitely recommend grabbing slices on the go like we did - the pizza is delicious, and you only have to wait two minutes (instead of two hours) to eat it!


Sunday morning consisted of sleeping in, grabbing brunch with a friend, and running a few errands around town. When I got back to the apartment, I  decided to spend an hour up on our rooftop reading in the beautiful, 67-degree weather, despite having dinner to cook, an apartment to clean, emails to respond to, etc... I have to say that I'm so glad I put time to relax in front of time spent doing chores - that hour in the sun was fantastic (even if enjoying the "warmth" in San Francisco means wearing a sweatshirt and Ugg slippers).



IMG_1574Finally, we closed out the weekend by eating beef short ribs (I'll share the recipe someday, I promise!) and watching this week's episode of Saturday Night Live. Maybe it sounds lame to you, but I can't think of a better way to spend Sunday night.

Oh, and I almost forgot! On Friday night my husband took me to Opaque, a restaurant where you eat in the pitch-black dark (it's supposed to enhance your senses, and therefore the taste of the food). They weren't kidding - it was so dark in there! Here's a picture from that:IMG_1595:)

I hope you had a great weekend as well! Enjoy your Monday!

Dress Well: Bandwagon Fan

Anthropologie blouse (similar; last seen here), Paige jeans, J. Crew sweater (old), J. Crew flats, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Old necklace (similar)

It's not hard to spot a bandwagon fan - they're always the ones not wearing official team gear, and instead wearing whatever appropriately-colored clothing they could find in their closets. As you can see, I was the epitome of a bandwagon Niners fan yesterday for the Super Bowl. Even as a bandwagon fan, that game was hard to watch - I felt like my heart was in my throat for the entire fourth quarter, and I am still puzzled by the Niners' completely squandered touchdown opportunity near the end. When you're on the five yard line with four downs to get to the endzone, why would you attempt not one, but two pass plays?

My apologies if this football talk makes absolutely no sense to you - sometime during my three years on my high school drill team, followed by three years as a college cheerleader, followed by three years as a relatively dedicated Stanford fan, I became the girl who cares about the game, and not the commercials. However, all of that football fan-dom did not lessen in any way my love of Beyoncé's halftime show - that was definitely the high point of the game. What I would give to be able to dance like that...








DSC_1168I hope all of you had as wonderful of a Super Bowl Sunday as I did. And here's hoping your Monday is off to a good start. Lastly, I hope that San Francisco can pull itself out of its Football Season Affective Disorder and start looking forward to next year! I know I am.