Live Well: Life Lately

Life LatelyAm I boring you guys with my constant pictures of dahlias yet? I would completely understand if the answer is "yes." With these gorgeous, technicolor flowers available every Sunday at my local farmer's market, I find myself compulsively picking up multiple vases worth to beautify our apartment. This post is a celebration of the small things in life that keep you happy. On my list of small things, dahlias are at the top.

Other things currently on my list: Cards Against Humanity, figs eaten with goat cheese and honey, a mug with my face on it that has become my husband's favorite cup (I'm drinking out of your face!), even more padron peppers, and my ever-present favorite, farmer's market strawberries.

Not pictured, but still notable: dinners and brunches and drinks with wonderful friends, Breaking Bad being back on the air, kind co-workers, and most of all, my wonderfully unselfish husband who continues to be his angelic self even though he's been under the weather. I live a good life.