Dress Well: Sun Sensation

Madewell shirt (old), Paige jeans, J. Crew flats (old), J. Crew necklace, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Hello, lovely readers! It's so nice to see you again after my weeklong hiatus. After a week filled with family visits, travel for work, and a terrible cold, I could not have been more excited for a sunny, relaxed weekend. Thankfully, San Francisco cooperated and gave me just what I was looking for - great weather, a couple great meals, and lots of time spent with my husband (not to mention the Mad Men premiere!).







Things aren't going to slow down this week - I'm going to Milwaukee for work on Tuesday - but at this point I'm not sure I would know what to do with myself if a week went by without going to the airport. There are certainly worse things. Despite the trip, I won't leave you guys hanging this week! That's a promise.

Have a wonderful week.

Dress Well: Como Se Llama?

J. Crew sweater, Paige jeans, Madewell booties, Ray-Ban sunglasses

This is definitely my most creative blog post title yet. Don't deny me that honor.

It was surprisingly cold yesterday, so I decided to take full advantage and give my llama sweater one last hurrah. Actually, who am I kidding? July and August are two of the coldest months here in San Francisco - this sweater will end up seeing the "light" of summer, I'm sure. Nobody puts llamas in the corner of their closest. It just isn't done.






DSC_9223My parents-in-law get to town today, and I couldn't be more excited! Who can resist an excuse to go out to your favorite restaurants and see your favorite sights? I can't. When you see me next week, I'll probably be 10 lbs. heaver. But don't worry, it will be worth it.

Have a great Thursday!

Dress Well: Mission Critical

Madewell shirt, Paige jeans, Zara heels, Thai bracelet via The Distillery - 1, Thai bracelet via The Distillery - 2, Unknown bracelet, Rebecca Minkoff purse, Ray-Ban sunglasses

This Madewell shirt has not gotten nearly enough wear (last seen here). Maybe it's because the last time I wore it coincided with a bit of a systems meltdown at work (long story) or maybe it's because I know as soon as I put it on I'll inevitably drop food on it (which, yes, definitely happened not long after these photos were taken), but for some reason, I always seem to pass over it when I'm getting dressed in the morning. Regardless, I've made it a personal goal to pluck this sucker out of my closet more often. As you can tell, I have really inspirational goals.






Yesterday was one of those days where everything seemed custom-designed to annoy me. Starting around 4PM, nothing went my way - from short tempers to battling with computer problems to driving in heavy rain, everything was a downer. I got home around 9PM and of course immediately started complaining to my husband about my lamentable day. And despite the fact that I was tired, and whining, and basically a total bummer to be around, my husband immediately went out and bought us red wine and chocolate ice cream to help me take the edge off.

While the ice cream and wine was nice (don't get me wrong) what actually took the edge off was being able to marvel at what an amazing husband I have. Seriously, I am steeped in good fortune. Today, I'm going to try my best to maintain a better attitude - I have no good reason to be anything but happy. I hope you feel the same way about your own situation.

Have a great day - see you back here tomorrow to close out the week!

Dress Well: Home.

Home T Texas shirt, Paige jeans, Ivanka Trump heels (similar), J. Crew necklace, Michael Kors watch, J. Crew bracelet, Rebecca Minkoff bag

I feel like you guys are probably catching onto my trick. Heels + jewelry + very casual shirt that would otherwise only be acceptable for wearing on your couch = completely passable outfit for a weekend night. Now I'm really giving away all of my secrets!

My apologies for my somewhat ruffled appearance in these photos: in case you weren't aware, wearing a baggy t-shirt and your hair down on a windy evening just does not make for photographic perfection. But you live, you learn. And no matter how bad the photos are, they will not detract from how much I love my Texas t-shirt. And no worries - I get that it's a bit contradictory to flaunt your Texas t-shirt while in view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I am clearly very conflicted on my feelings about home. But at the end of the day, this shirt is soft, cozy, and features the great state of Texas. What's not to love about that?











DSC_6014Guys, I am exhausted. Hopefully it hasn't shined (shone? Now this is going to bother me.) through into this blog too much, but it's just been one of those weeks that just takes it out of you. I promise I will get to all of your sweet comments and emails in the very near future. Luckily, I have a weekend of long walks, good meals, and too much Breaking Bad ahead of me. AND, lest we forget, Mad Men comes back this weekend. That's probably going to be my favorite part of it all. I spent the days (and let's be real, weeks) after last year's Mad Men premiere singing, "zoobie zoobie zu" and I can only hope that they come up with something equally fantastic this time around.

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks as always for reading.