Dress Well: Monogrammous


 All Saints jacket, Madewell shirt (old), Paige jeans, J. Crew shoes, Anthropologie necklace, J. Crew bracelet, Madewell monogrammed tote (no longer available in the Cabernet color--but a very similar color/design available from Cuyana), Ray-Ban sunglasses

This just so happens to my 400th post - something I didn't realize until 30 seconds ago. So, to celebrate (because I didn't prepare anything special), I bring you monograms! (Okay, just one monogram.)

To be honest, even though I've been married for three and a half years, my married monogram still doesn't entirely feel like my own. Maybe getting to look at it on this beautiful bag for years to come will assist me with making the full transition to my (no longer very) new name. And if you find yourself desiring your very own Cabernet tote (because Madewell no longer sells this color), may I suggest getting this one from Cuyana? (I love their stuff.)







Oh hey there.

I say this every Monday - but this past weekend was one of my favorite yet. We got to spend some time with one of our favorite organizations on the Berkeley campus on Saturday morning, then spent Saturday afternoon and evening cooking homemade jambalaya and going to see Selma. Yesterday we headed to Napa with some wonderful friends (pictures Friday!) and then capped off the weekend my very favorite way - by folding laundry and watching the Golden Globes. And yes, I am thrilled that Boyhood won both Best Director and Best Drama - although Selma was so wonderfully made, touching, and important that I was sad it couldn't win too. Above all, I think the most genuine moment of the entire telecast was Common's acceptance speech for the award for Best Original Song (look it up on YouTube--it's not up yet as of the writing of this post!). Speeches like that are why I love watching people win trophies.

Happy Monday, everyone.

Dress Well: The Double


 Old Navy blouse, Blank NYC jeans via Madewell (old), Chie Mihara wedges, Madewell necklace, J. Crew leopard bracelet (old), J. Crew pavé bracelet, Anthropologie bag (old)

You guys: the shirt in the photo above and the shirt in the sidebar of this website are NOT the same shirt. I know. Mind blown.

Let's compare side by side. Here's the shirt from the sidebar: DSC_1138

And here's the other one:


They're basically fraternal twins.

As I've talked about in the past, the shirt in the sidebar is one of my favorite pieces of clothing of all time. Because it's one of my favorite pieces of clothing, I have worn it so many times that it is practically disintegrating. It's ripped across the back, the dye in the stripes is running, and the whole thing is just very...fragile. So when I was in Old Navy last week and saw what appeared to be the EXACT SAME SHIRT, I had to buy it. There was no question.

The Old Navy version isn't as spectacularly perfect as the original - it's polyester, not silk, a little bit looser-fitting, has a frocket, and is generally not as high-quality. But it was $23 - easily a third of the price of the original from J. Crew. And its life will probably be longer - so what could I possibly complain about?

Best of all, it means the short-sleeved striped (fake) silk shirt won't be exiting my closet any time soon. And that makes me a happy girl.




DSC_3727The other thing that makes me a happy girl is the fact that we're headed to Cincinnati today! We're going to the wedding of two of our close friends and couldn't be more excited to reunite with college buddies and celebrate such a happy occasion.

Have a great weekend - I'll see you back here next week.

Dress Well: Gingham Gloom


J. Crew shirt (old), Paige Denim jeans, Chie Mihara wedges (I swear, Lord & Taylor is GIVING these things away), super old necklace - designer unknown, J. Crew leopard bracelet (old), J. Crew pavé bracelet, Tory Burch bag (updated version)

I'm going to level with you - I just wasn't feeling that "spark" yesterday.

I really felt like everything was working against me - it was Monday, I was woken up at 5:45 in the morning by the world's loudest garbage truck on our street, and it was cold, and gloomy, and windy, and just generally depressing outside. I looked in my closet, and EVERYTHING felt outdated. You know how those mornings go.

In an attempt to change it up, I grabbed this gingham shirt. I've read a few blogs where the girls have put together really cute outfits with gingham shirts lately, and I thought maybe if I put this shirt on, inspiration will strike. But it didn't. Instead, I felt like my shirt was taunting me all day - it's so summery, but the weather here was the definition of June Gloom.

Maybe inspiration will strike later this week. Maybe. DSC_2662





In case you don't believe me that the weather was gross: here's me doing battle with the wind:

DSC_2660Cute, right?

Two quick pop culture things - I just started B.J. Novak's book One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories and I'm really enjoying it so far. The last book I read was a dense, heavy, and just generally unenjoyable book, so this is a nice change of pace.

Also, is anyone out there watching Fargo? I can't believe how good it's gotten - we're really looking forward to the episode tonight. Although there have been so many great moments, the Key & Peele cameo in the last episode may have been one of our favorite things to date. I'm very curious to see how the whole thing ends - they have truly defied our expectations up to this point.


Here's hoping the gloom stays away - have a great day.

Dress Well: Onesie Love


Anthropologie romper, Zara heels (similar), J. Crew jaguar bracelet (old), J. Crew pavé bracelet, Anthropologie bag (old), Ray-Ban sunglasses

I know I'm allowed to call this outfit a "romper," but in my mind it will always be a onesie. I'm fully of the opinion that it deserves a childish name - I cannot understate how comfortable it is. Wearing this onesie is like wearing baby clothes or pajamas all day, albeit with heels. But that's a small sacrifice to make for the ridiculous amount of comfort this outfit affords.




DSC_2498After just a few times wearing this onesie, I'm strongly considering investing in some of the other rompers Anthropologie is currently selling on its website. I know these babies won't be in style forever, so I feel like we need to take advantage while we can - women's fashion tends far too much towards restriction and discomfort. So let's live it up in all-cotton onesies while the option's still available, shall we? I know you won't regret it.

Have a wonderful, one-of-a-kind weekend.