Dress Well: Fall Wish List

Zara sweater, Madewell coated jeans, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, J. Crew socks, Sam Edelman boots

I'm embarrassingly proud of this collage.

Welcome to the uniform I plan to be wearing for the next six months. Okay, am dreaming about wearing - it'll take me quite awhile to save up for that bag. Even though we've officially entered San Francisco's "summer," all I can think about lately is big, cozy sweaters, coated jeans, and finding a good way to wear cute socks. Isn't fall just the best?

I wish I had something fun to report about my week here...but y'all, my life is awfully tame. We had a great dinner at Rich Table on Tuesday night, but other than that it has been (almost) all work and a tiny bit of play. I'm really looking forward to the weekend - this week has been exhausting so far, so I'm counting down to sleeping in, spending time with friends, and just enjoying another wonderful weekend in this beautiful place. We'll get there soon enough, right?

Have a great day.

Dress Well: Weekend Blues

J. Crew vest (old), Madewell shirt, Paige jeans (similar), Rocket Dog boots, J. Crew necklace (similar), J. Crew bangle, Anthropologie bag (similar), Coach sunglasses

This outfit is pretty much my weekend uniform - my favorite jeans, a loose-fitting shirt, a puffer vest to keep me warm, and shoes that I can slip on and off easily when I'm driving around, running errands (am I the only one who can't stand driving with shoes on? Possibly...). Just looking at this outfit is making me wish it was the weekend again...DSC_3999







Did you guys have a good weekend? Mine was good, albeit short. We had the macaroni & cheese at Citizen's Band on Friday night (only 98 more items to go on the 100 Things to Eat in SF Before You Die list!), got in a workout and a beautiful walk across the city on Saturday morning, had dinner with friends on Saturday night, and headed up to Napa yesterday for a fancy pizza party (more on that tomorrow!). Although I was sad to see the weekend end, I'm also excited for the next few days to pass - on Thursday evening I will be heading to Texas for a Rice reunion event and my mom's birthday. I know next weekend will be filled with good food, good friends, and bare legs (God bless Houston in March), so naturally I'm counting down the days! Have a great Monday!

Dress Well: Madewell

Madewell shirt, AG jeans, J. Crew necklace, Tory Burch bag (very similar), Coach sunglasses

Despite my best efforts, I am yet to become much of a Madewell fan/customer. They have a great store here in San Francisco, but every time I go I encounter one of two problems 1) I don't see anything that really reflects my style (at a reasonable price point) or 2) Everything I try on is way too wide and way too short. I don't know why this seems to affect only me - both of my sisters and both of my sisters-in-law have a ton of Madewell clothes and look adorable in all of them (in fact, I think I may have copied my sister-in-law by purchasing this shirt...if I did, sorry L!). Anyway, I always leave Madewell discouraged, and then shuttle over to J. Crew where I love everything in the store (as every single post on this blog reflects all too well).

This top is one of the two exceptions I've found to my Madewell troubles (with the other one being this sweater). It's a little "out there" for me (stripes and polka dots!) but I know it's good to try new things, and the shirt is so comfortable that I know I'll end up wearing it a ton. It was the perfect shirt for the warm weather we had in San Francisco last weekend, and I look forward to wearing it on many more sunny Sundays.










DSC_2252Have a good day!