Live Well: Podcasts Are My Life

IMG_7764Anyone who has spoken to me in the past year and a half has probably heard me start at least half a dozen sentences with "I was listening to this podcast the other day and..." followed by some interesting fact/crazy story/entertaining tidbit that I learned from the referenced podcast. When my friends, family, and husband get the impression that I have nothing but podcasts to talk about, it's because podcasts consume at least 10 hours of my life every week. And I love it.

 The podcasts below have turned my one-hour-each-way commute into time that I actually enjoy. Seriously. People shudder at the thought of spending that much time in their cars - I look forward to it. If you need some extra entertainment in your life and are interested in giving podcasts a try (or adding more to your queue!) I suggest starting with these:


If you've never heard of Serial before, then I hope you're enjoying your recent escape from that rock you were living under! And what did you discuss at parties during the fall of 2014? But serialously - you need to listen to it. Serial is the real-life, real-time story of its host, Sarah Koenig, investigating the 1999 murder of a high school teen. I've just attempted to write about six different sentences about how great it is, and failed at all of them because it is just THAT hard to put into words. This podcast has something for everyone, from true-crime lovers to NPR lovers to books on tape lovers to reality TV lovers. From what I've found, enjoyment is universal. Give it a shot.

Pro tip: you HAVE to start listening from episode 1. You will be majorly confused if you don't.


I wrote about this podcast two years ago (!) when I first started listening to it, and I love it as much today as I did then. This show is strictly for those of us who like to nerd out over television, movies, books, and other pop culture items. If that's not your jam, this podcast will seem pretentious and boring to you, and that's okay. If it is your jam, Pop Culture Happy Hour will give you a dose every Friday of a different timely topic analyzed in a very insightful way by people who are both thoughtful and funny. The show has three regular panelists (all of whom work at NPR) and a fourth panel slot that is filled by a rotating cast of other NPR characters. Each week they discuss one of-the-moment topic (like a movie that's coming out that weekend), one more general topic (like "Presidents in pop culture"), and close the show with things they are reading/watching/listening to that they are enjoying that week.

Pro tip: listen to these while they're fresh. They had a clear message when they put "pop culture" in the title - not all of the topics have a very long shelf life.


I really hope I don't have to explain what this one is. TAL has been on the radio for two decades, and distributes its shows in podcast form as well. As the host says every week, each week they choose a theme, and bring you a bunch of stories on that theme. No matter what that theme is, no matter if the story itself is happy or sad, each story is memorable and special and something you can only find on This American Life.

Pro tip: if you're trying to choose which episode to start with, I suggest Episode 510: Fiasco! and Episode 489: No Coincidence, No Story! (their episode titles don't usually have exclamation points in them. I guess I'm just really into enthusiasm).


Startup is the real-life story of a guy trying to start his own business. Although I generally do not find business-themed podcasts (or business-themed anything) all that interesting, this one is a major exception because it is hosted by an ex-This American Life producer, Alex Blumberg and told in a totally human, relatable, no-business-jargon way. Also, as someone who works at a startup company, I find his willingness to admit when he has absolutely no idea what he's doing a refreshing change from the Silicon Valley norm.

Pro tip: start from the beginning; partially because it makes more sense in order, and partially because you need to listen to the early episodes to hear him give the worst business pitch of all time (you need to hear it, trust me).


On This American Life, I love the stories about relationships and families the most. Death, Sex, & Money focuses on those topics, and only those topics. If you find the "talk about your feelings" part of This American Life (or anything) to be uncomfortable/repulsive, this isn't for you. If that stuff is TOTALLY for you, every week the host, Anna Sale, interviews someone new about their life, focusing on the topics that are oh-so-helpfully provided in the title of her show.


This is the very first show launched by the guy who does the StartUp podcast as a part of his podcasting company. It's a show about this internet (which, like business, is SO not my thing - how did I end up working in technology again?) but it, like StartUp, is done with such a wonderfully human touch that I've found every episode captivating.


I can't believe I'm saying this...but this podcast is hosted by Alec Baldwin, and I really like it. I, like every human being with a shred of a sense of humor, love love LOVE Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock. But, the few times I've heard him interviewed I was afraid my eyes would get stuck the wrong way in my head from all the eye-rolling I found myself doing (seriously: the man is pretentious). So when one of my co-workers said that I should really really REALLY give Here's The Thing a try, I resisted. However, I am doing my best to cultivate a "don't knock it until you try it" policy, so I listened to the episode where Alec Baldwin interviews Julianne Moore (because she's lovely all the time). And you know what? It was great. So then I listened to his interviews with Ira Glass, Jerry Seinfeld, Andrew Luck, David Brooks, Chris Rock, and Lena Dunham. And all of those were great too. Alec Baldwin certainly has a different style than your standard interviewer - he jumps in more, asks more questions, interjects personal stories more frequently - but his rapid-fire questions and natural tendency to get the ENTIRE timeline (with details!) of someone's life and career makes for very, very interesting interviews.


And, if for some reason this is entirely new for you, you can listen to podcasts on the podcast app on your iPhone! Just subscribe to the ones you want to try and new episodes will show up as they're available. Each of the podcasts above also have their own websites, so they're all accessible online, too.


Do you have any other podcast recommendations? The ones above aren't quite enough to get me through the entire 10 hours each week, so I'm always looking for suggestions!

Dress Well: Chambray and Stripes

Madewell shirt, Madewell skirt, Madewell belt, Rocket Dog boots, J. Crew bracelet, Anthropologie bag (similar), Coach sunglasses

Hi, remember me? That girl who just a few weeks ago was complaining about how nothing at Madewell ever fits her right? Well, let's just say I stand corrected. I dropped into our San Francisco store a few weeks ago to return two shirts that I had ordered online (because nothing fits me correctly!) but lo and behold - I couldn't stop myself from grabbing about 15 different items to try on while I was there, and I ended up buying the shirt, belt, and skirt you see in this picture, as well as my gray dress and my pink jeans. I had to skip going to J. Crew and Anthropologie afterward for fear of spending myself into financial ruin. I'm finding it hard to believe that I found a store that was capable of breaking J. Crew's chokehold on my wardrobe, but here we are (and we're also ignoring the fact that Madewell is owned by J. Crew).  DSC_4969










Here's something you probably don't know about me - when I was a kid, I was obsessed with Nick at Nite. While other kids watched Saturday morning cartoons and Clarissa Explains It All, I watched The Wonder Years, The Brady Bunch, I Dream of Jeannie, Gilligan's Island, and so many more. While I loved each and every old show that they showed on Nick, nothing ever came close to my love for Cheers. While I was listening to Pop Culture Happy Hour today, I learned that Vulture had recently written a series of articles inventing a sitcom bracket, pitting sitcom versus sitcom in a tournament, and ultimately crowning a Best Sitcom of the Past 30 Years. The two shows in the finals were The Simpsons and Cheers. Although I've never really intellectualized or analyzed my 12-year-old love of Cheers (Nick showed two episodes a night, every night, and I watched them religiously with my dad), reading those articles gave me an opportunity to reflect on why I loved and watched that show with such intensity. If you've never seen it, the show is about a bunch of misfit oddballs who hang out in the same bar day after day; losers who say funny things with regularity. But deep down, the show is about loneliness, and I think that theme reached across the 20-year void and into my 12-year-old heart. Despite having four siblings and spending all day, every day, at public school, I was a very lonely preteen and teenager. I liked things not many other 12-year-olds liked: books, movie reviews, TV shows, doing well at math, etc. I felt that who I was was incompatible with being popular and having friends. So I felt a kinship with those lonely losers in TV land, watched them night after night, wished happiness for them, and learned a few lessons as they embraced their aloneness. Maybe watching TV shows with my dad on weekend evenings wasn't the best way to stop feeling lonely at the time, but I think all those hours added up to learning something about myself and humanity at large. At the very least, it gave me a few great moments to think about and giggle about over the years, including this one.

I hope you have a great Tuesday!

Live Well: Watching, Reading, Listening

I'm excited to introduce my first ever Watching Reading, Listening post. Many bloggers frequently feature collages of clothes and other items that they're currently coveting, but that kind of post just isn't me (and you would all get very bored at list after list of 100% J. Crew items). However, talking about the TV shows and movies I'm currently watching, the books and blogs I'm reading, and the music and podcasts I'm listening to sounds like something I could talk about all day, every day (but I won't, I promise). So, I plan to pop one of these posts in every few weeks to both share what I'm enjoying and hopefully get some recommendations from you guys on other great media as well.

So, right now I'm...

Nashville, Rice History Corner, Pop Culture Happy Hour

Okay, nerd session over (for now!). If you guys have any great things that you're watching, reading, or listening to, please leave me a note so I know to check them out. Have a great day!