Dress Well: Pleats To Meet You


Madewell dress (old), Rag&Bone booties, J. Crew necklace (no longer available), Rebecca Minkoff bag, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses

Last weekend we had the pleasure of experiencing 75-degree temperatures and perfect, perfect sunlight here in San Francisco. To celebrate, I wore a dress (a major departure from my standard shirt + jeans uniform!) and took a cat nap in the sun on our rooftop deck. We usually only get warm(ish) weather in April and October, so my legs probably won't see the light of day again for at least two more months. But there are worse things.







 This week has been a repeating whirlwind of gym - commute - work - commute - watch Gilmore Girls - repeat. While I realize that it sounds like a dull existence, I've actually relished it quite a bit--I'm a happier person when I make it to the gym regularly, have plenty to keep me occupied at work, and get to cap off my days by introducing my husband to my absolute favorite (and objectively best) season of Gilmore Girls (if you didn't know I was talking about season three then I'm not sure we can be friends anymore).

To make things even better, we have a fun brunch with friends AND a charity ball to look forward to this weekend. (Two engagements in one weekend? Who are we?!) I can't wait to enjoy good food and good drinks with good friends--nothing makes a weekend more enjoyable, right?

I hope you have something fun lined up, too. See you next week.

Dress Well: Office Flannel

J. Crew shirt (love this spring one), J. Crew skirt, Old tights (similar), Rag & Bone Harrow booties, Tory Burch bag (very similar), Michael Kors watch (similar), J. Crew bracelet, J. Crew bangles

Last night I got caught up watching The Devil Wears Prada on TV because it's an awesome movie. Obviously. Anyway, after Anne Hathaway's "transformation" in the movie, she greets her boyfriend outside of his restaurant and says that she's the same girl, just with better clothes. That's pretty much how I feel about myself since I started reading blogs, writing this one, and taking a few more minutes every morning putting together my outfits. It never would have occurred to me just one year ago to wear this casual flannel shirt to work. It never would have dawned on me that it would look just as professional when paired with a pencil skirt as all of my other, boring button-down shirts. And let me tell you, I'm so glad I finally realized that flannel could be made office appropriate - there's something about wearing a soft, comfortable shirt that makes even the most taxing of workdays that much easier to live through.









So, who's excited for Daylight Savings Time? This girl is. I used to always hate the "spring forward" part about starting Daylight Savings Time, but now that I spend most of my days cooped up in an office I will gladly sacrifice one hour of sleep in order for it to still be light when I get home from work at night. Plus, starting Daylight Savings Time always makes me feel like we've sprung one giant leap closer to summer. I know it's just one hour, but I'll take what I can get.

Have a great weekend!

Dress Well: Bows With An Edge

J. Crew dress (sold out; love this one), Old tights (similar), Rag & Bone booties, J. Crew bracelet, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Tory Burch sunglasses (similar)

When I asked for this dress for Christmas, I figured it would become one of my "Mary Poppins" outfits (the boys that I work with have coined that term for a certain genre of my outfits - I've decided to embrace it). The cut and print of this dress would not look out of place on a preschooler (or a nanny). However, I've discovered that my favorite way to wear this dress is with my black leather booties and chunky jewelry. Somehow, when blended with those accessories, this dress comes to look almost edgy. I certainly didn't think that was possible. Or maybe I just have a very generous definition of edgy.







Also, these pictures were taken on my rooftop. As in it's a 10-second trip for me to get to a deck with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge. How amazing is that? Don't you want to come visit me now?


And finally, a little bit of humor to send us into our weekends: please appreciate how the picture above makes it look like I have one leg (with a wrong-sided foot). I've decided that this look isn't an accident, it's a fashion statement.

Have a great weekend!

Dress Well: Chains, Boatloads of Chains

J. Crew blouse (love this polka dotted one), Citizens of Humanity jeans, J. Crew necklace, J. Crew bracelet, J. Crew bracelet (love the frog), Rag & Bone booties, Rebecca Minkoff bag

Whenever I wear this bracelet and this necklace together I always get a particular Avett Brothers song stuck in my head. Up until tonight, I thought the chorus of that song started out with "Chains, boatloads of chains." After twenty minutes of Googling that lyric + Avett Brothers, I have discovered that that is not the lyric to the song at all, and that the chorus actually begins, "Shame, boatloads of shame." Which, now that I've listened to the song again, is exactly what I'm feeling.

So, in the end, this song does not apply to this outfit at all. I find nothing to be ashamed of here - you will find me wearing a similar ensemble to this almost any given weekend: my favorite boots, my favorite jewelry, a trusty silk blouse, and jeans so comfortable you could sell them as Pajama Jeans. I kid you not.








I love that exposed zipper.

Have a great Tuesday.