Dress Well: Rain Booties


 Anthropologie blouse (old), Citizens of Humanity jeans, Loeffler Randall rain booties, Madewell necklace (no longer available), Madewell bag (very similar Cuyana version here)

Back in December, we went through a string of weeks here in San Francisco where it rained every single day. To brave the rain, I broke out my trusty J. Crew yellow rain boots that I had had since my freshman year of college...only to discover that they had holes in them. Not exactly what you look for in a rain boot. I also quickly tired of hauling what felt like 10 pounds of rubber to and from work along with an extra pair of shoes to wear when I arrived. I decided it was time for an upgrade.

All the rain boot trouble resulted in me adding these little rain booties to my Christmas list, and my mother-in-law was so kind to get them for me. Starting December 25th, I looked forward to seeing rain in the forecast...except it didn't rain here in SF for the entire month of January!

We got some wet weather this past weekend, and I was overjoyed to finally get a chance to wear these beauties (and experience my favorite kind of weather, of course). I went out of my way to step in puddles and just generally frolic in the rain...because who knows when it will make another appearance!






DSC_7238Did everyone have a good weekend? I certainly did. I came home on Friday night and managed to cook a dinner constituting entirely of ingredients that already happened to be in my house (next stop: Chopped). On Saturday we had a delicious brunch at Padrecito with two of our favorite friends and their adorable, adorable baby (what's more fun than that?). On Saturday night we had dinner with a group of friends and then had a great time attending an American Heart Association event. A busy Friday + Saturday meant taking Sunday easy, sleeping in, reading magazines, doing chores, and cooking one more big dinner (this delicious recipe from Bon Appétit)

I'm closing out the weekend by half-watching the Grammy Awards as I write this post. As usual, they seem unnecessarily long and peppered with performances and speeches that seem unnecessarily, goofily earnest (there's something about outsized earnestness that makes me physically uncomfortable). However, if the Grammys didn't take themselves overly seriously, they wouldn't be the Grammys. As always, there's a certain amount of comfort found in predictability.

I've got a bit of an eventful week coming up: I'll be spending 24 hours in Dallas in the middle of the week for a meeting with a client. More about it in a post on Wednesday or Thursday!

Have a great Monday.

Dress Well: It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

DSC_7398This past weekend, my husband and I decided to go buy our Christmas tree. Despite the torrential and seemingly never-ending rain, we managed to sneak out of the apartment and around the corner to our local Christmas tree lot while it was misting, instead of pouring.

DSC_7479Our urban forest.

J. Crew plaid shirt, J. Crew puffer vest, J. Crew leggings, Unknown scarf (similar), J. Crew rainboots (similar)




DSC_7438The joy of finding that perfect tree. Pictures of our decorating session coming tomorrow!

Also, could we please take a minute and reflect on the futility of attempting to defy nature? Below is a picture of my curls before I left the house on this Christmas tree excursion.

IMG_0999The really depressing part is it took me about 30 minutes to curl and about 30 seconds for them to completely unravel. Oh well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

Dress Well: Country Plaid

Remember when I told you guys about my love for this plaid shirt? Well, my siblings must have been listening, because not one, but two of them gave me this shirt for my birthday! This is what I consider to be an ideal country outfit: soft plaid shirt, stretchy, comfy corduroy leggings, and Hunter rain boots that I found lying around in our garage. It ended up being the perfect getup for a sunset ride around my family's ranch.

Me, driving the gator (basically a small piece of John Deere farm equipment that's a bit like a four-wheeler, just safer). If you're not from the South, I'm guessing you were unaware that driving farm equipment around can be a lot of fun! I definitely suggest giving it a whirl if you ever get a chance.

How was everyone's first Monday back to work? Mine didn't go all that successfully. I woke up this morning unable to lift my right arm without causing my shoulder a lot of pain, which either means I slept in a very strange position or the shoulder injury I got four years ago when I faceplanted while ice skating at full speed is back to haunt me (have I mentioned that I'm a super graceful person?). Either way, it led to a long day in bed with my arm wrapped up in an improvised sling, reading and watching television shows. I guess that probably doesn't sound all that bad!

Thank you all so much for reading - I've really been enjoying the comments and messages I've been getting because of this blog. Have a great Tuesday!