Dress Well: Country Strong

All Saints leather jacket, Madewell chambray shirt, J Brand jeans, J. Crew flats, Anthropologie bracelet (old), Clare Vivier clutch, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Aaaaaand...I'm back!

Sorry for the silence last week, friends. It was one of those weeks where writing blog posts was just not going to happen. Thanks for bearing with me.

Now - this outfit. It's one of those combinations that doesn't strike you as rodeo-ready at the outset but, as you analyze the pieces, you realize that it can only be put together by someone from Texas. I mean denim-on-denim + leather + a cowhide clutch? Texas, through and through.

I wore this outfit out to brunch with two of our best friends yesterday morning. The whole morning reminded me so strongly of when I first started this blog - back in the early days, my husband and I would regularly wake up early on Saturday and Sunday mornings, go take outfit photos while the light was best, and then wander over to one of several neighborhood brunch spots right as they opened. We've gotten away from that in the year and half that I've been doing this, so it was nice to re-create that experience for one morning, at least.

Also, one last thing to point out about this outfit - I got new jeans! I know, I know - weren't you bored to death of my Joe's jeans and my Paige ankle-zip jeans? I wore this new J Brand pair allllll weekend and can't wait to wear them many, many, many more times (you'll be tired of them soon, I'm sure).






DSC_8484Happy Monday, friends. Have a great week.

Dress Well: Dressed and Ready

J. Crew shirt (old), Joe's jeans (old), Shoedazzle shoes (old), J. Crew necklace (not in stock), J. Crew bracelet, J. Crew bangles, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

From the outset, this was a very long week. And Wednesday was the longest part (as you likely gathered from yesterday's post). On Wednesday I knew I wouldn't be able to control how long my day was, but I could control one thing - how I felt. So I wore a combination of all my favorite clothes - my best J. Crew shirt (see sidebar for proof), my favorite necklace (are you tired of seeing it yet?), heels (for once), and my comfiest jeans. Somehow, feeling comfortable in my clothes and in my skin all day made coming home and changing into sweatpants all the more enjoyable.








What will be the motto of this weekend? SLEEP. I'm sure today will be forever long (ever feel like you can't even see the end of your to-do list?), but Saturday will save me. I hope you have something equally enjoyable in store.