Dress Well: I Will Always Love You

Super old sweater via Nordstrom, J. Crew shirt (old), J Brand jeans, Rag&Bone booties, Madewell necklace, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

If I had to pick a theme song for this outfit, it would be "I Will Always Love You." I adore every single piece in this ensemble and will undoubtedly wear each piece repeatedly for years to come.

I got this sweater thingy in the B.P. section of Nordstrom years ago - it used to be my favorite thing to wear during college when I would fly to see my then-boyfriend (now husband) out here in California. I love it to this day, although I don't wear it enough. I'm glad it finally occurred to me to pair it with my J. Crew striped shirt, which y'all know I will wear until the day it finally says "enough!" and disintegrates into dust because it's tired of how frequently I wear it.





Also, just in case you were under the impression that I am always perfectly photogenic, I'd like to submit this gem from this same photoshoot:


I have no idea what possessed me to make that face.


I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet, but TOMORROW I will be flying to Boston to go see one of my very best friends in this whole wide world! I've never been to Boston before - I haven't even been to the east coast since I went and visited this same friend in New York over two years ago. After a few crazy-busy weeks, a long weekend of sightseeing, eating, and laying around on her couch is just what the doctor ordered. You'll have to forgive me if my blogging slips a bit as a result!

Have a great Wednesday, friends.

Dress Well: Spring Forward

Anthropologie sweater, Madewell jeans, Kendra Scott earrings (very similar), J. Crew flats, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Coach sunglasses

This outfit represents me putting my toe in the water of the spring season. I mean, I know I'm wearing bright pink pants (what could be more spring appropriate?) but I'm going to argue that the heavy cable-net sweater I paired them with nets this outfit out to only slightly spring appropriate. As you saw in yesterday's post, this outfit was perfect for bouncing around town on one of the final days of winter, so, again - toe in the water. I'm not diving into spring yet.

Back to my bright pink pants - this past weekend was the first time I wore them after purchasing them at Madewell two weekends ago. All I can say is that I'm already in love. I have a J. Crew  v-neck tee in this exact same shade of pink that I've worn over and over and over again (it's by far my favorite shirt), so when I spotted pants that were the same color, I knew I had to have them. Now maybe I'll wear the shirt and pants together? Too much?








DSC_3688If only I could wear these pants to work today...sigh. I guess I'll just have to look forward to Friday and envy all the startup employees who ride the same bus as me in the meantime. Have a great Tuesday!