Be Well & Dress Well: Keeping a Low Profile


Friends, meet my new kicks.

I've been tempted to try this whole low-profile, lightweight workout shoe trend since it started getting popular a few years ago. Last week, when my luggage was lost and I was feeling sorry for myself, I decided to finally pull the trigger and order myself a pair shoes to make myself feel better about my missing stuff. Now, I have my luggage back AND my sweet new pair of Reeboks. Life is good.

I've only worn my new shoes a few times, but so far I'm really liking them. In my opinion, their best feature is how lightweight they are - no more clunky running shoes. The bottoms of my Nike running shoes used to be so wide that I would end up kicking my own ankles on accident while walking...which partly reflects on the clunkiness of the shoe, and partly reflects on my inherent clumsiness.

The major downside to these is definitely the fact that they run wide. I have freakishly skinny feet, so when I lace these shoes up I feel a bit like I'm lacing corset strings - the tighter, the better! I've also heard they aren't great for running (since they don't offer much support) but I haven't tried that out for myself.

What I'm really looking forward to is wearing these shoes while doing a squatting workout. As someone who doesn't have great balance, the flatter my feet are to the floor, the better. As always, I'll let you guys know if the experience is as good as I'm hoping.

Have you guys tried the lightweight, flat shoe trend yet? If so, what do you think?


P.S. - Don't worry, I haven't suddenly become a snob about workout shoes. I'm not that big of a hypocrite, I promise :)