Live Well: Real-Life Romance

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Airport reunions used to be an ever-present (and ever-important) aspect of my husband's and my relationship. We were long-distance in college, so getting to see each other every six to eight weeks in baggage claim at the airport was always a momentous occasion. I still remember feeling butterflies in my stomach, stopping in the restroom to fix my hair and makeup to make sure I looked perfect for the reunion I'd been dreaming about for two months.

On Sunday night, I flew back from Boston. It made me realize that I've completely lost the stamina it takes to be away from my husband - after three and a half days, I missed him terribly. When I got to the airport, though, there were no butterflies - just a very, VERY empty stomach after going ten hours without eating. There was also no makeup - why subject my skin to that kind of nonsense when all I was going to be doing was sitting on a plane?

So, Sunday night, I dragged myself down the airport steps, loaded down with carry-ons, dirty hair, no makeup, and feeling grumpy because I was so hungry. And then I realized that my husband had done the most romantic thing ever - he brought sushi with him INTO the airport so I could eat on the spot. As I wolfed down the special handroll he'd gotten for me, I didn't think I'd ever loved him more. Our relationship didn't look beautiful from the outside in that moment, but it felt like the most precious thing on earth.


I'm going to apologize in advance for my posting frequency over these next couple weeks - I was in Boston last weekend, will be in Houston this next weekend, and my parents-in-law will be visiting the weekend after that! While I'm looking forward to every single trip/visit, my hectic schedule is probably going to do some damage to my ability to churn out regular blog posts. Hopefully you understand.

That irregular posting frequency resulted in me missing the opportunity to memorialize a very important day on this blog - my mom's birthday! Her birthday was yesterday, and I can't wait to get into town on Thursday so our entire family can celebrate the occasion this weekend. My mom is truly the most ardently loving and supportive mother you will ever meet - she loves the people in her life with reckless abandon, a trait I try to emulate every day. I love you so much, Mom!

Happy, happy Tuesday.

Live Well: Comfortable

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A couple of months ago, my husband read a post online that suggested something simple yet revolutionary: the author recommended that the easiest way you could improve your comfort and happiness right now is to go buy several pairs of your favorite, most comfortable socks and throw all of your other ones away. Why waste any of your time wearing uncomfortable socks? Maybe it shouldn't have been, but that suggestion was eye-opening for us - we'd somehow never thought to do that before. My husband and I have now adopted that small suggestion as a central philosophy in our day-to-day life - why not optimize the easily-controllable parts of your life for maximum enjoyment? Don't you love the simple brilliance of it? It's amazing how sometimes the smallest improvements can generate a tangible increase in happiness.


Speaking of comfort, I had the John Mayer song "Comfortable" stuck in my head all day yesterday. Have you heard it? I know John Mayer's not for everyone, but I really love the live version of this song (find it here). The thing I love most about it is his live addition at the end, which goes: "that you were my first love/is just dumb love./A technicality./You were ahead of me."

For the longest time, I thought he was saying "That you were my first love/is just dumb luck." Maybe that isn't what he says, but it's a statement that rings true every time I (imagine I) hear it - day after day, I marvel at the unbelievable, incredible, completely dumb luck I was so blessed to experience when I ran into my husband when I was 19 years old. It felt so wonderfully tragic at the time - I fell so hard for him, but our situation was so hopeless, with him at Stanford and me at Rice for three more years. But it worked out. And in so many ways, I have dumb luck to thank for it.


I hope you all have wonderful Wednesdays - this week's just flying by, don't you think?

Be Well: My Night Off

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Yesterday was our two-year wedding anniversary. Today is the five-year anniversary of when we started dating. Those days, those numbers, are very special to me. I'm proud that two 19 year-olds built this beautiful relationship. I'm proud that two 22 year-olds forged this fantastic marriage. And despite the fact that we spent a large portion of last night re-watching our wedding video, I'm very happy that our wedding wasn't the high point of our time together. Not even close.

I feel like there's a tendency as of late to love out loud. Really, really out loud given the availability of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (and blogs, too). And while I'm always a fan of "I love you"s, sometimes I wonder if social media pronouncements of how much you love your spouse/fiance/boyfriend are kind of hollow. More for show, less for substance. More helpful in your pursuit of an image as a loving person, less helpful in, well, being a loving person.

So today, I don't really want to write an essay about about how much and why I love my husband. And I've maxed out on the photos of us together that I'm going to post with sappy captions. Today, tonight, I'm going to do less blogging, more looking at my husband. More smiling at my husband. More thinking about how eternally grateful I am to have him in my life. Less posting about how wonderful he is. More saying it. I'm taking a little bit of a night off. I hope you don't mind.