Live Well: Watching, Reading, Listening - Lonely Hearts Edition

For some reason, I've never really been into standard love stories. I like my love stories to be filled with heartbreak, misunderstanding, and, in the best ones, redemption. For this week's Watching, Reading, Listening, I'm highlighting some of my current favorite heartbreaking love stories that somehow make you laugh (and make you think) while your heart breaks and then heals again. For those of you who tend to shy away from anything that doesn't have a happy ending, I urge you to give these a try - sometimes non-glossy love can be the most beautiful love of all.


Guys, I'm in major trouble. I'm only six days into my "no dessert" month and I just spent thirty minutes pinning various amazing-looking chocolate desserts on Pinterest. I have 25 days to go, and I'm just not sure I'm going to make it. I keep looking at my calendar, hoping that another day has magically gone by, bringing me this much closer to chocolatey goodness. I feel like every Girl Scout selling cookies on the street is taunting me. I'm about three doughnut sightings away from seeing dessert mirages as I walk around town. Has this been enough melodrama for your morning? Good. It's kind of like you're living in my head now.

Have a great Thursday!