Dress Well: No Effort


J. Crew shirt (on sale!), Paige Denim jeans, Rebecca Minkoff sandals (old), Madewell necklace, Anthropologie bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Well friends, this is about as authentic as it gets - I'm not lying when I say that next to no effort was put into this outfit. We took these pictures while walking to the neighborhood corner store - I ran out of ingredients as I was baking a second batch of cookies for my co-workers. You can tell by the uneven makeup and messy hair that I spent most of yesterday working in the kitchen, and very little of yesterday worrying how I looked. It may not be a terribly inspirational look, but I promise it's an authentic one!




DSC_4452We had a nice, quiet, borderline-boring weekend, which is exactly what I needed. It involved a LOT of baking, a crazy-hard Crossfit workout ("Schmalls," for the three people who read this blog who know what that is), getting my nails done, and wine and cheese on our rooftop deck.

Also - I owe you all a very late "thank you" for all your kind words on our anniversary! The texts, emails, Facebook posts, and blog comments were all so, so appreciated.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

Dress Well: Sans Makeup

Madewell sweater (on sale!), J. Crew shorts, Rebecca Minkoff sandals, Madewell necklace, Rebecca Minkoff bag

I avoid wearing makeup on weekends whenever possible. Since I wear makeup five days a week, I always look forward to that clean, fresh-faced feeling that comes from avoiding makeup when I can. I also look forward to getting 10-20 minutes of my life back by skipping my normal makeup routine - why spend that time making up my face when I could be napping or eating ice cream instead?

In the spirit of this blog being a reflection of my normal, everyday life, I decided last night that I should take pictures without makeup. The only reason I would put it on is to look good for the camera - and you guys would rather see me as I really am, right? Full disclosure, I did put on a light layer of foundation mixed with moisturizer, as well as some blush. But that's it, I promise!

Note - for all of you who aren't familiar with what it looks like to have blonde, unadorned eyelashes - THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean that they don't exist...or that I'm sick. So please don't ask me if I am.





DSC_5316Did everyone have a good weekend? I did. I had TONS of life stuff to catch up on after a couple crazy weeks at work + our trip to Florida, so it was so nice to finally clear some of those items off my to-do list. I also took a collective five hours worth of naps...apparently I was tired! And don't worry, we found time for a few fun things - on Saturday night we grabbed dinner and drinks at The Alembic, which has been on our San Francisco bucket list for quite awhile now. It was delicious - yet another great SF stop!

Enjoy your Monday!

Dress Well: Summer in Sausalito

Madewell sweater, Joe's jeans, Rebecca Minkoff flats, Kendra Scott necklace, Michael Kors watch (similar), Rebecca Minkoff bag, Cheap $10 sunglasses I got in Italy

This past Saturday my husband and I ventured out to Sausalito. We grabbed drinks at a local wine bar, Wellington's, and then continued on to Sushi Ran, which we are seriously addicted to - we've been there three times in four weeks (a lot for us!). Sausalito, which is right on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge from the city, was the warmest it's ever been when I've been there. It was the perfect temperature to sit by the water in long sleeves and jeans, sipping wine and eating cheese (doesn't that sound like heaven?).









DSC_3915Did everyone have wonderful weekends? Despite earlier intentions to make this weekend as low-key as possible, it ended up being really busy (and really fun!). On Friday night we went out to dinner at AQ with some friends, where we enjoyed their tasting menu and some great wine. The whole experience was fantastic - I think AQ is one of my favorite new places in the city! Saturday morning we participated in a walk for a nonprofit we're involved in, then jetted across town to go see This Is the End (hilarious) and pick up some trip essentials (and non-essentials) at the mall. Finally, Sunday we grabbed brunch with a friend at Kitchen Story (also very good!) and polished off the weekend with a Mad Men viewing party with friends. No, we didn't get as much Florida prep done this weekend as we wanted (we leave in five days - yikes!) but I wouldn't have had the weekend any other way. I wouldn't change a thing.

It's off to the races this week - mission: accomplish two weeks of work in one (and pack! and see friends!). Things will be crazy, but that's never a bad thing when you have a week-long vacation as your prize!

Happy Monday!

Dress Well: Winning Formula

J. Crew blouse (old), Paige jeans (similar), Rebecca Minkoff sandals, J. Crew necklace (old), Michael Kors watch (similar), Rebecca Minkoff bag, Coach sunglasses (similar)

There's something about these jeans, sandals, and bag that just works. Switch in any shirt and necklace, and you've got yourself a winning outfit. Pair the winning jeans-shoes-bag combo with my all-time favorite shirt, and you get one of my favorite outfits ever. (I seriously wish I had bought seven duplicates of this shirt when I had a chance - it's real silk so it's delicate, and I can tell it won't be around forever. But I just won't know what to do with myself when it's gone!)










I can't believe it - the day that my parents and sister arrive is here! While it won't be the same without the rest of the siblings (it will be weird pretending like we're a family of four for the weekend), I couldn't be more excited to spend time with my parents and sister for our special birthday weekend (my sister's turning 23)/Father's Day visit! I'm really looking forward to three days full of eating and laughing. I swear, I could subsist on just those two things.

Have a wonderful Thursday!