Dress Well: Take It Easy


Anthropologie blouse, Madewell boyfriend jeans, Sam Edelman sandals, Kendra Scott necklace, Anthropologie bag (old), Ray-Ban sunglasses (red version)

I'm glad I decided to take it easy from a clothes perspective on Tuesday - work was NOT easy, but wearing comfortable clothes made it marginally better. Plus, I just love this outfit. There's something about wearing good clothes that makes working on PowerPoint presentations late into the night more bearable.DSC_4228




DSC_4237The thing that makes EVERYTHING marginally better this week is the fact that my parents land in San Francisco this afternoon! I'm very much looking forward to a weekend of eating, laughing, drinking wine, and enjoying this beautiful city. Life is good, my friends!

Dress Well: Crochet and Curls

Anthropologie shirt (old), Madewell boyfriend jeans, Sam Edelman sandals, Necklace (old/unknown), J. Crew bracelet, J. Crew bangles, Tory Burch sunglasses

Two things about this outfit:

1. I wasn't originally planning on taking pictures this past Sunday - I spent the vast majority of my day in spandex, and planned on throwing something comfortable and not necessarily fashionable on that evening since we had friends coming over to watch Mad Men. However, in the end I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to document these flippy curls - my hair was still wonderfully curly from my updo the night before, a situation that is extremely rare in my life. Maybe my hair looks like a horse's tail to you, but it's beautiful to me.

2. This shirt represents one of those times where Anthropologie just gets something so right. By nature Anthropologie carries a lot of misses - when you're going for funky and fresh, sometimes you just hit funky. But this shirt is perfect. I've had it since 2009 or 2010, and I never get tired of how beautifully the crochet detailing on the shoulders goes with the stripes. I'm even happier that it photographed so well. Good job, Anthro.






DSC_0592I spy a Lululemon bra strap tanline in the photo above. Friends, be careful what you wear in the sun. DSC_0497


Finally, I want to introduce you to this Ashley girl I keep talking about. She's the ghost that haunts my brain, and she looks a little like this:



I feel like these posts have been a bit bereft of life updates lately, but that's honestly because I don't have too much to share. My weeks have been a non-stop cycle of wake up, drive to work, work all day, drive home, write blog, go to sleep, repeat. Not too much to highlight there. I did, however, have a terrific weekend - on Friday night we had a "girls of shopkick" evening at the apartment of one of my coworkers. Is there anything better than a bunch of girls sitting around eating a bunch of food, talking for hours? I think not. And you saw how wonderful Saturday was in yesterday's post. These days, I'm not living for the weekends quite like I used to, but I'm glad weekends continue to be so fun :)

Have a great Tuesday!