What's Making Me Happy: Around the Web Edition

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[My favorite movie theater, snapped on an unbelievably beautiful day.]

I don't know what it is - the weather, contentedness at work, good times with my husband, or something else, but lately I've been waking up every day with a smile on my face and an appreciation for the beautiful things I encounter in the day-to-day. That extends to some pretty sweet comedy that hit our collective consciousness this week - read on for more.

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[My favorite Stephen Colbert clip in recent history. Stick it out to the end - it's worth it.]

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[Sidewalk shapes and fun outfits.]

[This amazing Huffington Post comedy article (that you've probably seen already). It gives a whole new meaning to 'namaste.']

image[Cronuts. 100% NOT diet-friendly, 100% delicious. We had these bad boys at work for my co-worker's epic birthday celebration. My office is amazing.]

Per the usual, I'm overly excited for the weekend. We have dinners with friends, shopping excursions, walks around the neighborhood, and so much more planned for the upcoming two days. Have a wonderful Friday my friends and I will see you all next week!