Eat Well: Scones

DSC_8916And just when you thought I had tired of giving you guys breakfast posts...

I've been off my breakfast-cooking game recently. These past couple weekends, rather than whipping up fancy breakfasts like I used to, I've been resorting to quick bowls of oatmeal before heading out the door on a morning walk or for morning errands. However, this past weekend my husband and I decided to get back to our old ways. I decided to make this scones recipe from the most recent issue of Bon Appétit - they were the perfect light, fluffy, not-too-unhealthy complement to our standard scrambled eggs and bacon. Even better, they took less than 30 minutes to make - I highly recommend them.






DSC_8936It was a momentous day in my household today - after almost two years of braving crazy San Francisco street parking, we finally got a spot in our apartment building's garage. This may seem boring to you, but it is so exciting for us. Less hours spent parking means more hours spent eating and sleeping - who wouldn't enjoy that tradeoff?

Have a great Thursday!