Dress Well: Add Some Slouch


J. Crew blouse, Madewell jeans (on sale!), Seychelles flats (super old), Madewell necklace, Anthropologie bag (old)

I do not wear these boyfriend jeans enough. Somehow they always drift to the bottom of my jeans pile, only to be recovered if I see someone else wearing boyfriend jeans and think, "oh yeah, I have a pair of those!"

I know when I look back on these pictures in a decade, these jeans will look crazy outdated. I used to think that was a good reason to not wear things, but these days I've changed my mind - especially when things like boyfriend jeans, track pants, and drapey tops come into style, we should all take full advantage. Women's fashion doesn't tend towards comfort, so we should be allowed to walk in the sun in those rare moments when comfortable items are shining their brightest. Who's with me?



DSC_3032I had half a mind to wear these jeans again today - my office is going to go play laser tag, so ease of movement is pretty much my top outfit priority. I haven't played laser tag since I was 12 and I have terrible aim, but I'm still determined to win. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Dress Well: Stripes + Leopard

Yes, I did take these pictures before going to Sonoma. I love this shirt so much, though, that I'd happily wear it twice a week. Stripes + leopard is my new obsession - I'm sure you will see me wearing this shirt with my leopard flats in the very near future. However, stripes and leopard is a combination I would NEVER have put together myself; instead, I did what I usually do: studied those who are more fashion-forward than myself and applied the concepts I learned to my own life. It's like sanctioned cheating, except everybody wins. I highly suggest it!

What can I say? I'm a sucker for an exposed zipper.

I get to wear jeans to work today, which means that it will obviously be a great day. There's nothing quite like the working world to make you realize that the small things in life can make a huge difference. I hope each of you gets to enjoy something insignificant yet wonderful today!

Dress Well: Indian Summer

It's been warm this past week in San Francisco, which allowed me to dig out one of the many sundresses that have been jailed in the back of my closet, never allowed to see the light of day, since I left Houston. I love this dress (other than the fact that I can't eat in it - wearing this baby out for TexMex food one night really taught me a life lesson on buying clothes a size too small). This bag is also one of the two purses I ever carry. I got it a few birthdays ago and its been a wardrobe staple ever since. For me, the cross-body bag will never go out of style. Who can say no to that level of convenience?

On a more intellectual front, I listened to Tig Notaro's interview on Fresh Air tonight and was blown away by the clips of the standup routine she performed just after being diagnosed with cancer. The interview is here if you'd like to listen.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!