Dress Well: A Piece of Flair


J. Crew puffer vest (no longer available, sadly), J. Crew shirt (white, blush, and green versions still available and on major sale!), Citizens of Humanity jeans, Steve Madden booties, Anthropologie bag (old), Ray-Ban aviators

This winter J. Crew seemed to be all about taking a standard button-down shirt and adding flair to it in some unexpected way. Although button-down shirts tend to look overly masculine on me (thanks for nothing, broad shoulders), the pocket appliqués on this one pull it back towards the feminine realm. Plus, it's roomy and comfortable, so wearing the pullover + stretchy skinny jeans makes you feel like you're getting away with wearing pajamas in public. And you know I'm all for that.







Starting about a month from now, my husband and I will embark on a whirlwind of weekend trips, with something almost every weekend for over a month. Until then, we are taking all of our weekends nice and slow. This past weekend was the epitome of that strategy. We stayed in Friday night, ordered a pizza, drank a bottle of wine, and chatted until I feel asleep at about 9:45. On Saturday we slept in and then walked up to our regular brunch spot, La Boulange. The pictures in this post were taken on Saturday afternoon on our way to a fun happy hour with a few of my co-workers. After the happy hour, we saw The Theory of Everything, which was great (more on that in my annual Oscars post, of course). Sunday was low-key too, with an early morning walk, brunch with a lovely friend, a long afternoon nap, and a night spent cooking, cleaning, and getting ready for the week (which I always enjoy in its own, quiet way). All told, it was a perfectly relaxed weekend and I wouldn't have it any other way.

 Maybe it was all the sleep I got this past weekend, but for the first time in a long time I feel ready to jump into the upcoming week. Isn't that nice way to kick off your Monday? I think so. Have a great day.

Dress Well: Neighborhood Brunch


Madewell sweater (on sale!), American Eagle jeans, Steve Madden booties, J. Crew scarf (old), Madewell bag (Cuyana version in burgundy), Ray-Ban sunglasses

There's a restaurant in our neighborhood that makes the absolute best huevos rancheros I've ever had (I'm sorry, Dad! Yours are an extremely close second!). So when I woke up starving this past Sunday, I knew it would be worth trekking through the cold, gray, foggy weather to make those huevos mine. Plus, there isn't any San Francisco weather that can't be beaten by a wool sweater and a scarf/blanket (seriously, this scarf is enormous). DSC_6282






 A very big thank you to EVERYONE for all the love on my post about Parachute sheets on Wednesday! I mentioned in that post that one great thing about small brands is the personal touches they add, such as including a handwritten note from the CEO. The OTHER great thing, I've since learned, is the fact that they will find, notice, and publicly appreciate your little blog post about their brand! I truly write this blog for my friends and family - but it's so fun when I get to interact with people who make products I love as an unintended consequence.

Is everyone else oh so glad it's Friday? I sure am. Early morning Crossfit classes, long days of work, and bad traffic have been the hallmark of this week. Also, I almost ran out of gas last night on a busy street here in the city...note to self, your gas gauge being about half a millimeter off of the red zone means you DO NOT have enough gas to make it all the way home. But a hard week just means the weekend is that much more enjoyable, right? Right.

Happy, happy Friday.

Dress Well: Blue Fog


Anthropologie shirt, Current/Elliott velvet-print jeans (available used on eBay), Steve Madden booties (on sale!), J. Crew necklace (similar), Rebecca Minkoff bag

I present to you: the return of the rooftop picture! It's been far too long since we last utilized the spectacular view our rooftop affords - as a result, I'm vowing to never again go so long without clambering out to the unfinished top of our apartment building. Isn't that sweeping view oh-so-worth living on the edge?

This post combines two things I love: this view of San Francisco, and this entire outfit. These jeans I've had for two years now, and I will never tire of them. They've got velvet appliqués: need I say more? Also, this is the most comfortable shirt that ever existed. Over the holidays I took a trip to Anthro with my husband's family, and both of his sisters and I walked out with this shirt courtesy of our lovely mother! It's miraculous Anthro hasn't sold out of them quite yet - get it while you can!









 And because I'm incapable of taking myself seriously, and want you to know that the majority of photos I take are hideous:

DSC_6065(You're welcome.)

Did you guys have the pleasure of enjoying a three-day weekend this weekend? I did, although my husband didn't. We made the most of the weekend by cooking delicious dinners, going to delicious brunches (photos from one of those brunches later this week), and spending time with some of our closest friends. The photos above were taken right before we headed over to our friend's house for dinner, followed by a night at the comedy club. We saw Michael Yo (who I think I had seen before on Chelsea Lately). The surprising upside to his show is that he's from Houston, and talks about Houston in his act - I'm always happy to find a little hometown love in unexpected places.

I then spent my Monday flying solo, cleaning our apartment (which I enjoy...don't judge), getting my nails done, and doing a bit more cooking. I also got to catch up on the first two episodes of Girls, which I loved because Lena Dunham is an unselfconscious genius who I am happy to have as the "voice of our generation" (cue eyeroll at that phrase). All in all, it was a very nondescript day, but I am 100% okay with that.

 I'm not quite sure I'm ready to dive back into work today - but I suppose I don't have a choice. Have a great week, all!

Dress Well: Wild Thing

Anthropologie blouse, Joe's jeans (old), Steve Madden flats (old), Thai Bracelet via The Distillery (1, c/o), Thai Bracelet via The Distillery (2, c/o), J. Crew bangles, J. Crew bracelet

I mean, it has zebras on it - need I say more? A very special thank you to my mother-in-law for snatching this beautiful blouse up for me when she saw it at Anthropologie over the holidays. I've been in love with it since I first opened it on Christmas Day!





DSC_6126In a complete reversal from last week, we currently have no plans this weekend - a situation I am completely fine with. The weather in SF has been gorgeous, so I'm hoping to squeeze in some rooftop reading and a few long walks around the neighborhood. Plus, we've got to knock out another Best Picture nominee - only three more left to go!

I hope you all have a spectacular weekend - see you back here next week!