Live Well: Life Lately

Life LatelyAm I boring you guys with my constant pictures of dahlias yet? I would completely understand if the answer is "yes." With these gorgeous, technicolor flowers available every Sunday at my local farmer's market, I find myself compulsively picking up multiple vases worth to beautify our apartment. This post is a celebration of the small things in life that keep you happy. On my list of small things, dahlias are at the top.

Other things currently on my list: Cards Against Humanity, figs eaten with goat cheese and honey, a mug with my face on it that has become my husband's favorite cup (I'm drinking out of your face!), even more padron peppers, and my ever-present favorite, farmer's market strawberries.

Not pictured, but still notable: dinners and brunches and drinks with wonderful friends, Breaking Bad being back on the air, kind co-workers, and most of all, my wonderfully unselfish husband who continues to be his angelic self even though he's been under the weather. I live a good life.

Eat Well: Dutch Pancake


I had two words for my kitchen this past weekend: "I'm baaaaack!"

After three months of cooking almost never, this past weekend I finally had an urge to get back in the kitchen. Why I stayed away so long (especially on weekends) is a mystery - I LOVE cooking. Rather than exercising my (admittedly limited) culinary skills, for the past several weeks we've been heading out to brunch each weekend morning in search of excellent pancakes. I can't really explain it; we've just been on a major pancake (and laziness) kick lately.

One of the best pancakes we found was the Dutch pancake at The Tipsy Pig, which is one of my favorite restaurants in the Marina here in SF. Last weekend, armed with my long-awaited urge to cook, some farmer's market ingredients, and this easy recipe, I set about making my version of the Tipsy Pig pancake. This ended up being a great idea, if I do say so myself. The pancake is SO easy to make and tastes great with a little fruit and powdered sugar on the top. It took about half a bite for me to realize that this dish will be a Sunday staple for years to come.







DSC_6323This has been such a fun week - in a complete departure from my normal routine, I've already been out to weeknight dinners with friends on two separate nights, with another dinner planned for Friday. Since we're not going to be in town this weekend, it's nice to get to see our friends during the week. Even if it means I've skipped going to the gym more than I should have because I've been up too late, I think the tradeoff is worth it in terms of the happiness that comes from social interaction, you know? That, or I'm just looking for an excuse to sleep in.

Have a wonderful day!

Eat Well: Gone Glamping

Collage 2You read that right - I am currently out "glamping" with shopkick in celebration of the company's fourth birthday (so cool, right?). As a result, you guys are being treated to shots from my life recently. Of course, I didn't realize that 99% of the shots of my life lately are of food...sorry I'm not sorry?

P.S. - Did you see me featured on Kendra Scott jewlery's Facebook page this week? I'm now also in their Blogger Fans section of their website...go check it out!

Happy Friday - have a great weekend!