Dress Well: Blue Waves, Blue Linen

Anthropologie dress (old)

Day three in Florida and the sun decided to show its beautiful face again! I just might make it out of here with a tan after all. Here's hoping I can successfully even out my sweet yoga crops tanline by the end of the week.

Last night we went down to a local restaurant and bar for a low-key dinner. I've had this blue linen dress from Anthropologie for four years now, and it never, ever fails me in a casual, summery situation.

Besides rediscovering my old sundresses (tired of that yet?) I've also been rediscovering a second love - my love of braids. I've decided that they are the most practical beach hairstyle out there - they're practically indestructible if executed correctly, so they do a great job of keeping me from looking like that girl from The Ring every time I decide to go for a swim in the ocean. At night, they're the perfect hairstyle to keep the Florida humidity from turning your usually smooth and sleek hair into a frizzy, wispy, standing-on-end disaster. Braids, my friends - they're there for you!












Enjoy your Wednesday - who doesn't love the day before a mid-week holiday?

Dress Well: Indian Summer

It's been warm this past week in San Francisco, which allowed me to dig out one of the many sundresses that have been jailed in the back of my closet, never allowed to see the light of day, since I left Houston. I love this dress (other than the fact that I can't eat in it - wearing this baby out for TexMex food one night really taught me a life lesson on buying clothes a size too small). This bag is also one of the two purses I ever carry. I got it a few birthdays ago and its been a wardrobe staple ever since. For me, the cross-body bag will never go out of style. Who can say no to that level of convenience?

On a more intellectual front, I listened to Tig Notaro's interview on Fresh Air tonight and was blown away by the clips of the standup routine she performed just after being diagnosed with cancer. The interview is here if you'd like to listen.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!