Dress Well: The Run Around


Madewell chambray shirt (old), Paige Denim jeans, Converse Chuck Taylors, TEXI leather bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Yesterday I had to do a couple of store visits for work, so I took that as an excellent opportunity to break out some of my more casual clothes. My Chuck Taylors haven't been getting much love lately (after all, my Chie Mihara wedges have pretty much become the equivalent of a dictator among my shoes - no other shoes will be tolerated!) and yesterday seemed like the perfect opportunity to pull them out again. Let them know I hadn't forgotten about them.

Also, for all of you who don't live in the Bay Area - this is what I wore to work (after the store visits). And I wasn't underdressed (at least, I don't think I was). Sometimes I forget how crazy "professional" standards are around here...but you won't hear me complaining about get to flex a few more creativity muscles where my wardrobe is concerned. When I worked at the bank, all of my outfits incorporated one of three pencil skirts. Things got repetitive fast.




DSC_4824My obsession of the day (and probably week, possibly month): Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud. Am I totally behind the times? I'm not exactly up to date on the music scene. But I heard this song on Songza on Tuesday and have been completely enamored ever since. It's my new antidote for a bad day or a stressful situation - seriously, who can feel down during that chorus?

Have a wonderful day, everyone.

Dress Well: Accidentally Green

J. Crew shirt, Paige jeans, Madewell booties, TEXI leather bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

True story - when I grabbed this shirt out of my closet yesterday, I didn't realize it was St. Patrick's Day. I was just looking for something I hadn't worn in awhile. I'm not really into the whole St. Patrick's Day thing, but sometimes some accidental festivity can be just right.








I have to admit, yesterday was a pretty great Monday. Last week, I listened to an interesting interview where the interviewee talked a bit about work culture in Denmark. Apparently shorter, more intense work hours are common there - workers are supposed to come to work, get their work done as efficiently as possible, and then head home. I decided I should apply that principal to my own life, so yesterday I focused on being as productive in every minute as possible.

While I wouldn't say I succeeded in all minutes, I ended up wrapping up about 45 minutes earlier than I usually do, and driving home while the sun was still shining for the first time yet in 2014. Who knows what the rest of the week will throw my way, but at least I got one leisurely night in the sun :)

Hopefully your Monday wasn't too bad either - see you back here tomorrow!

Dress Well: Rain Delay

J. Crew shirt, Paige jeans (old), Converse sneakers, J. Crew necklace, TEXI leather bag

Yesterday morning was a total meltdown - not only was it raining (lightly) when we went outside to take photos, but we discovered once we went to take the first picture that our camera was dead. So, we had to resort to iPhone photos. I guess things could have been worse.

In my opinion, when you're dressed in something as comfortable as a baseball tee + Converse, there's virtually no chance of having a bad day. I just can't get over my love for this shirt - it's striped, has leather detailing, and goes great with big necklaces. It's pretty much the Platonic form of everything I like in clothing.






While yesterday was undoubtedly a good day, I have to admit that I cried during my entire drive home from work. It had nothing to do with what happened to me yesterday, and everything to do with what I was listening to - David Sedaris on This American Life reading his essay about his sister's suicide. The essay is centered around the experience of growing up in a big family, an experience I relate to in almost every detail. More than anything, this passage made me sob and laugh and marvel how remarkably true it is all at the same time:

"This is how I thought of it, for though I’ve often lost faith in myself, I’ve never lost it in my family, in my certainty that we are fundamentally better than everyone else. It’s an archaic belief, one that I haven’t seriously reconsidered since my late teens, but still I hold it. Ours is the only club I’d ever wanted to be a member of, so I couldn’t imagine quitting."

I miss you, family.

There's a cheery thought to send you off into your weekend...regardless, have a great one!

Dress well: Emerald City

J. Crew blouse, J. Crew leggings, Steve Madden flats (old), TEXI leather bag, Coach sunglasses (old)

I'll be honest - I'm not overly impressed with how this shirt photographed. It's beautiful in person - the heavy crepe material is really nice and it's a really lovely shade of green. I sized up because I liked the idea of it being a little large and drapey, but that seems to have resulted in it looking less than stellar in pictures. Oh well. I will still be wearing it repeatedly this winter - the weight is perfect for colder weather, and the length makes it a perfect match for my J. Crew leggings.






Isn't getting through Monday always such a relief? Even though I tend to wind up enjoying my Mondays at work, there's still something so nice about putting the first day back behind you. Now I'm ready to dive into my weekly routine - gym, work, dinner, sleep, repeat!

Have a great day.